LOCATION: Foshan, Guangzhou, China

DELIVERABLES: One day immersive with the Malaysia & China team: Master Class: From Sustainable to Circular Company



KIAN is an intelligent furniture solutions provider catering to the commercial and residential sectors since 1983.

Their ability to understand and fulfill the business needs of their customers is continuously establishing them as the market leader across more than 100 countries worldwide. 

The team at KIAN is highly passionate and driven, and they believe in spreading, not only good products but also good intentions amongst their stakeholders. 

Getting a headstart on sustainability and what this means to them, makes them a leader in their field. 


There was a need for an initial education for all employees to move towards becoming a circular company.



Therefore we organized with the KIAN team a full day immersive with the Malaysia & China team, and brought them our 

Master Class: From Sustainable to Circular Company


> A profound understanding of the environmental issue & case studies of companies in their industry

> Defined a sustainability goal globally, a sustainability roadmap & KPI’s

> Identifying the role the company can play in meeting the customers' increasing need for sustainable products. 


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