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Meet the Wā Collective

Hey guys!

Today we'd like to introduce you to the Wā Collective all the way from New Zealand!

We met up Jess who's one of the crew members back in NZ and was on a brief visit to Shanghai. We chatted and we got to know more about what they have been doing and what their philosophy is behind this awesome project they started!

There are already quite some cup brands out there and we love most of them! But we also like to know what drives people beyond the product and that's another reason why we love the Wā Collective.

To put it in there own words:

"We are a bleedingly important social enterprise with the power to end period poverty period waste and the period taboo. Period."

They sent out a survey to 1000 menstruating students and found out that one out of every three had skipped class because of a lack of access to menstrual products...

The Wā Collective empowers people through addressing inequity and by giving people the tools to take control of their cycles. And, frankly, they just make periods better too.

We couldn't be more happy to share more with all of you! Not only will you learn something new on the cups, but you will definitely learn new NZ vocab... Another good reason to keep reading!

Every Wā menstrual cup sold subsidises one for a student in need, keeping students in class and stopping period poverty from adversely affecting education in NZ.


A Wā Cup is a small reusable medical grade silicone menstrual cup which is worn internally. It works by collecting your menses (menstrual fluid) rather than absorbing it and can be emptied as little as every 12 hours depending on your flow.

Wā Cups fold to the size of a tampon for insertion, then pop open inside your vagina/honey box/vajayjay [insert favourite vag. word here] to collect your flow.


1) Wā Cups are designed for easy use and are made of the best stuff 2) Every cup sold subsidises one for a student in need, stopping period poverty from affecting education in Aotearoa 3) Your Wā Cup will revelutionise your period-ing


Wā Cups are are gold standard. They are:

- Safe and easy to use - Ethically made - Zero waste in production - 100% medical grade silicone - FDA registered and ISO approved - Last for up to 10 years

Wā Cups, are medium firmness; soft enough for easy insertion and firm enough to pop open easily once inside your vagina – ready for action!

Flow on over to their website to find out more!


Go check out their website

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