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How to recycle in Shanghai

Sometimes, we arrive to a new city and we think everything is going to be the same. However, it happens that the city you arrive at is so different and foreign to you that you don't know where to start.

Despite this, we still believe in reducing our waste … we are aware that living without generating waste is practically impossible, unless you are a Zero Waste Hero.

A confession: it is so hard but we are doing our best…

For those how want to recycle, we are sharing this well-documented and understanding article talking about recycling in Shanghai. It is quite interesting especially when you have just arrived to this vibrant and colourful city. Waste management is currently a hot topic in the city and the Government is working hard on improving the situation.

ZWS_Shanghai Recyclers

ZWS_Shanghai Recyclers

Informal Road Recycler. Wukang Road, Shanghai. This guys are part of the informal waste recycling system.

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