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How to Use Beeswax Wraps

We got the chance to try some of the Beeziro Beeswax wraps and we LOVE them! The quality is insane, and they wrap perfectly around all types of dishes and different kinds of food!

BEEZIRO is a beeswax wrap brand founded by two sisters from Taipei. By offering a 100% natural way of keeping food fresh - beeswax wrap, a zero waste alternative to single-use plastic wraps, BEEZIRO wants to invite more people to join their journey towards a more sustainable future!

Check out the video below !

擇零,以“零废弃”作為品牌核心理念,提供一種天然的食物保鲜方式 — 以有机棉布、蜂蜡、和荷荷巴油手工制成的天然蜂蜡保鲜膜,用更加永續的方式为食物锁住新鲜、保留食物自然原味。

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