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How to Eat Better- For You and the Environment?

You want to eat organic, locally produced fruits and veggies. But you’re too busy to do the research or go to the market. You care about our planet and understand the impact we are capable of making with our food choices. Yet few veggie box companies share your concern quite to the same extent. Our featured business today- Goma Greens, might just be the perfect solution for you.

你想吃本地的有机果蔬,但困于太忙,没时间去市场逛逛,好好研究,你关心地球,并懂得我们能选择自己吃什么,对环境造成什么影响。然而,市场上很少有蔬果供应商在很大程度上与你分享担忧。我们今天为你推荐的特色业务 Goma Greens,可能就能给你提供一个完美解决方案。

Started in 2016 by Christina Freddie, a mother with a background in corporate social responsibility and concerned about food safety, Goma Greens is committed to bringing fresh, seasonal veggies to customers, while supporting local partner farms. They do this through weekly deliveries of veggie boxes, whose veggies are picked fresh at partner farms.

Goma Greens于2016年由Christina Freddie创立,她是一位具有企业社会责任感,并关注食品安全的母亲,致力于与当地农场合作,为客户提供新鲜的时令蔬菜。每周,他们在合作的农场采摘新鲜蔬菜,打包成蔬菜盒运送给客人。

Christina Freddie, Goma Greens Founder

During our research, we were particularly impressed by Goma Greens’ commitment to providing high-quality food to Shanghai families. This commitment starts with a careful selection of farmers who are dedicated to organic farming practices. As a result, some partner farms are certified organic. At the partners farms that do use pesticides, Goma Greens sample test veggies to ensure the pesticides don’t exceed levels allowed in the EU.

我们对Goma Greens印象特别深刻,她特别致力于为上海家庭提供优质食品。这一承诺始于精心挑选合作伙伴:实践有机农业的农民。她的一些合作农场具有有机认证资质。而对于那些使用杀虫剂的合作农场,Goma Greens采样试验蔬菜,以确保农药不超过欧盟允许的水平。

Li HaiTao, Founder of YunGu Farm in Shanghai. He has established a permaculture farm in Shanghai and helps communities and schools to build their own sustainable gardens.


We were also excited to see that Goma Greens take the environment into serious consideration. Receiving a box of organic veggies, which otherwise is delightful, can become so annoying if the veggies come individually wrapped in plastic. Goma Greens make their boxes with recyclable cardboard. When packaging the box, they pack half the veggies in bulk, with the rest packed in recyclable paper bags and bowls, and leaves packed in plastic bags. Furthermore, if you leave your empty veggie box at the door (along with the rubber bands, bowls, and paper bags), Goma Greens will take it back when delivering your next box. We welcome this green procedure as we simply can NOT afford to treat the environment as an afterthought anymore. We want healthy food as well as a green process to deliver it. And with Goma Greens, we’re getting nothing short of that. Unfortunately, only 5% of their customers currently recycle these packaging materials. Spread the word and let’s get this number to 100%!

我们也欣慰地看到Goma Greens认真对待环境问题。对于环保人士来说,收到一盒单独使用塑料包装的有机蔬菜很糟心。 而Goma Greens用可回收的纸板来制作包装盒,将一部分的蔬菜批量包装,不可批量的用可回收纸袋或碗装,叶子用塑料袋包起来。此外,如果你将用完的蔬菜包装盒,以及橡皮筋,碗和纸袋放在门外,公司会进行回收再利用。我们欣赏这样的绿色回收,因为我们再也无法承担不视环境后果的责任。我们想要健康的食物同时,也需要通过绿色的方式保护环境。而Goma Greens公司正在很好地实践这一点。可惜,目前只有5%的客户回收这些包装材料。那就让我们传播出这个讯息,将这个数字达到100%吧!

If you’re interested in trying out their boxes, here are the options:


Delivery time is 8:30am- 8:30pm, Monday. You have the option to subscribe for the box to be delivered every week or every other week. The service is flexible; you can cancel the delivery by Friday noon. Farmers do the picking according to the order, to avoid food waste!


Interested? Find their WeChat page and website below.


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