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Who said Zero Waste lifestyle equals Zero style?

Often when we talk about living a more conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle, people tend to believe that we want to condemn everyone to live a plain life without any pleasure.

Well, the news is that being more mindful consumers is a feature that only makes us happier rather than bored, leaving more space in our lives for experience rather than objects.

If you have been following us long enough (if you haven't you can start right now), you might have run into our article about how the fashion industry is slowly polluting our waters and soils.

This dark side of the manufacturing made us reconsider the way we shop, but not the fact that we love to be stylish.

So today, we want to dig into the capsule wardrobe concept.

Online there are loads of videos of vloggers ready to share their tips, which are, honestly, very interesting for anybody to watch and get some refreshing ideas if you want to start your own or if you want to make some upgrade and you are looking for a new perspective.

Source: Pinterest

While style and taste are different from person to person, we want to share a common philosophy on why being back to basic with a capsule wardrobe is a relatable and relevant solution.

Firstly, fixing a maximum of clothes set us free from the pressure of not having anything to wear and reward us with space in our rooms and lives.

Having a well-organized and matched wardrobe save us time in the morning, or on any occasion, instead of staring at ourselves in the mirror with a defeated look.

Secondly, and most important, having a timeless wardrobe made of iconic items that can be used year by year, avoid purchasing all those fast fashion and fast-waste-to-be one season cheap treat.

This doesn't mean that our wardrobe has to be black and white with mono texture items or something like that.

Let's see what we can do, with this small guide on how to start from scratch.

  1. Take everything out from your closet and analyze garment by garment. In real life, you are your own Marie Kondo, don't only ask if a tee sparks joy, but more realistically either if you wear it or if it looks nice on you.

  2. If the answer is NO!, try to think if you can reuse it somehow, if in good condition try to make money out if and resell it, swap it or donate it.

  3. Think about how many seasons and how is the weather in the country you are living in. It is important to understand what do you actually need to be fully covered the whole year. If like in Shanghai spring and fall are incredibly short, maybe you don't need a complete 4 seasons wardrobe but just some key-items to suit the weather when needed.

  4. Think about your lifestyle, if you need a daily formal office outfit or if a smart casual look works just fine. Don't keep too much space for a special occasion, make it count that once in a life dress.

  5. Think about what you like and what does make you shine. There is nothing to be ashamed of, there is no need to upset yourself because that particular skirt makes you look short or those leggings are too tight.

  6. Wear only what makes you feel gorgeous and perfectly yourself, nothing more nothing less.

Once you answered all those questions, you will see that what you need is almost clear in your mind.

Create three main categories for tops, bottoms, and over-tops, to organize how to mix and match everything according to the flow of the seasons, or the occasion, casual or style up.

Tops: T-shirts, Blouse, Knitwear...

Over-tops: Jackets, Coats, Sweaters, Cardigans, Blazers...

Bottoms: Skirts, Trousers, Jeans, Shorts, Dresses...

You don't need to own something for each category, but once you found your personal style and method, it will be super easy for you to know what you are missing.

Source: for gently concession of our Eva

To avoid having a super basic wardrobe, leave space for some colorful t-shirts or dresses.

Choose an unusual pattern each season, not too many. You can easily get bored with patterns, but once in a while, they give a vibrant touch to your outfit.

Choose quality on quantity, find brands that are eco-friendly o that own a real fair trade certification.

Changing wardrobe more often is not impossible, you can still be a shopping addicted and go for swapping and thrift shopping.

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