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The difference one can make: the Meat Free Monday

In one of our very first articles, we wrote about the environmental impact of meat production. We already discussed how livestock soars the consumption of water and land, pollutes through animal methane, meat processing, and transportation, to not mention the waste caused by the packaging.

But what can we actually do as single individuals?


Back to 2003, The Monday Campaigns Inc. in collaboration with the Center for a Livable Future at Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health started a new health initiative to reduce the meat consumption by 15%, the Meatless Monday.

This target was fixed not only for one's personal health but also as a goal for a more sustainable future.

The campaign gained success across the US and expanded to other countries, today we can count more the 40.

Big support came from the 2009 campaign launched by the McCartney family: Meat Free Monday.

Paul, his wife Mary and his daughter Stella started the Meat Free Monday not-for-profit campaign to involve people in an effortless yet powerful change in their diet. Not eating meat isn't a significant issue, but it can have an incredible impact on the planet.

The McCartney family isn’t new to the environmental movement, Stella McCartney is a successful fashion designer that created one of the first fashion brands to go vegan.


Ten years after the launch of the campaign with its manifesto film featured Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone along with the McCartneys, the movement is growing. More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that we are the ones who should change behavior if we want to preserve the delicate ecosystem that is our planet.

The success of the campaign involves schools and private who can see the benefits of a diminishing in their meat quantity on their health in particular.

If you haven't seen the video yet, it is highly recommended.

It is a symbolic reminder of how special is the world we are living in, everything is so perfectly calculated. Our distance from the sun, the alternation of the seasons, the Earth inclination and its rotation made possible human life and its astonishing evolution.

And since we are a species capable of building space shuttles and skyscrapers or deliver food by drones and robots, we have the responsibility to take care of what gives us life.

A day per week without eating meat is insignificant on our habits, it has no but good impact on our health.

Source: peta

Why don't we give it a try?

Starting with Mondays and then add one more day. And one more. A step at the time.

Learn more by visiting the

To watch the film manifesto of the Meat Free Mondays visit their website

A VPN might be required.

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