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Spring is coming. So do are picnics! 春天来了,一起去野餐吧!

While winter might have arrived somewhere (no GOT spoiler here), spring is unquestionably coming to town.

We have a long week ahead before Labor Days’ vacation, so we believe that there is no better way to celebrate Monday and Earth Day than start planning an outdoor getaway.



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If you are already following Zero Waste Shanghai, organizing a Zero Waste picnic will be an easy step, since you'll already be collecting food storage containers and repurpose jars to use containers. Also, some of our Zero Waste Travel tips can be useful for the occasion.

Here some tips for your picnic, and may (yes! That's an old school pun!) the sun be with you!


  1. Outdoor Blanket. If you like outdoor activities, including picnics, you might consider investing in one of those big double-face blankets. Normally one side is waterproof to prevent the tablecloth from the damp. However, it isn't a must. Unused old sheets or beach towels can work just fine!


2) Basket? No, thank you. Although the image of a traditional picnic includes a fancy hay basket, it might not be the most practical solution for a picnic in 2019. Your backpack is simply perfect! It has all the space you need, you can carry it on your shoulder so that you can comfortably reach your destination cycling, hiking, or even by metro!


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3) Bring your own water bottle. There are foldable bottles that are easy to carry once empty and, around the city, it isn't hard to find refillable stations near public places. If any of your friends bring their own bottle is even a more convenient solution.

There are also colorful foldable glasses that can be used if you want to share for example beers, wine or any other beverage.

Choose glass or aluminum on plastic brands, and remember to throw them in the correct recycling bin.


4) Bring your own cutlery. There are reusable utensils made out of wood, bamboo or stainless steel. Another option is to prepare food that is convenient to share by using your hands or vegetable to help to pick up sauces or to wrap ingredients together. Use washable cloth napkins to clean your hands, instead of single-use tissue. Avoid wet wipes.


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5) Prove your cooking ability! You can prepare tasty salads or savory tarts by combining some leftovers from your fridge, always a great idea to avoid food wasting.

Bread and vegetables are a good support to almost any sort of food. Besides being perfect side dishes, they also function as cutlery for countless kinds of hummus and dipping sauces.

Fruits come with natural wrapping, and often even the peel is edible.


Source(图片来源): Pinterest

6) Collect everything before leaving. The park welcomes you to spend some time enjoying the sun, relaxing surrounded by flowers, birds, and fresh green grass. The least you can do is leaving nothing behind.

Use empty jars to gather food scraps to compost at home.

Which is your favorite picnic spot in Shanghai? And which is the best picnic treat to share with friends?

Share your tips with us here below in the comments section.




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