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A Toast to the Earth: To Save the Planet I Will...

We had a very special Earth Day this year, celebrating with our friends and clients the Earth and the hope for a brighter future.

Together with imondi, we brought together the companies that believed in us and in our common vision of our future.

When arriving at the imondi’s showroom at surpass court, we welcomed everyone with wine and fruit water in glass jars, and Eli Falafel provided amazing vegetarian dishes to satisfy the appetite of everyone at the end of the workday.

Both Zer’0Waste Shanghai and imondi shared their views on what sustainability means to them and how we implement this in our businesses and every day operations

Imondi is the largest reclaimed wood floorin manufacturer in Asia. They buy wood from old boats, houses and more and turn them into beautiful wooden floors that find a new home in places all around the world: restaurants, hotels and private residences.

We absolutely love this beautiful example of how (again) sustainability and design can be combined easily and aesthetically, and how it also makes sense financially to our businesses.

At Zer’0Waste Shanghai we believe that the future economy is a circular one, moving away from the linear economy, by keeping resources out of landfill and back in the supply chain. To us, the circular economy is the vision and the goal we keep in our mind when working with our clients, partners and team members.

The path to a circular economy is long, but creative, innovative and incredibly interesting. The most crucial part, and most often the one that is also overlooked, is the design. If from the very beginning products are not designed in a way to be repurposed, reused and recycled, then we will lose money, resources and create waste.

We can all change things and work towards a better future. Everyone at their own level. Which is why we came up with the idea of the black wall for people to write their commitment to the earth. It could be as small as 'saying no to plastic bags' to 'going meat free 1 day a week' or 'spread Zer'0Waste worldwide', ... you get the idea ;-)

We want to say a special than you to everyone who joined us to celebrate the earth last Monday!

Every Day is Earth Day, let's protect it together

People, Planet, Profit go together.

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