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How to organize a Zero Waste Birthday party | 如何举办一场零浪费生日派对

Birthdays are special. Our birthday is absolutely not a normal day; it is our day and has to be special. When it comes to birthdays, people love planning parties. Unfortunately, parties can bring a huge amount of waste from food to plastic. Zero-Waste team love to find solutions; and also this time we have found some good advice to help you organizing an unforgettable waste-free party!


Remember, just by paying attention to small details you can make a big difference.


1. Digital invitation/电子邀请函

In today’s digital world, sending out a digital invitation is absolutely the best and trendy solution. Unleash all your creativity and design the perfect invitation for your party. For example, on this website www.smilebox.com, you can find templates for party invitations that can be customized as per your needs. Doesn’t it look amazing?


2. Natural decorations/自然装饰

If you love adorning your apartment with colorful and festive decorations but still want to be eco-friendly, buy fabric bunting that can be washed and reused several times or make it by yourself with your old clothes!


Source(图片来源): Ecopartybox.com

Alternatively, program an out of town trip to the closest beach or forest and pick up shells, stones, pinecones, flowers, petals, leaves. Just put petals and leaves inside a jar and let them float in the water, it will look beautiful! Use pine cones or leaves as table decorations or place cards.


Source(图片来源): Pinterest

3. Planning a Waste-Free Menu/设计一个零浪费菜单

With good forward planning is possible to organize a menu that will reduce all that waste caused by party trays and snack items that are usually packaged in plastic. Plan a good amount of finger food (falafel, veggies etc.) and appetizers that will please all your guests.


4. Eco-friendly tableware/环保餐具

The best way to reduce waste is obviously to use your own tableware and avoid all the disposable plastic items. Washing dishes with your friends during the party can be also a lot of fun! With so many friends around it will take little time to wash all off! For the one who really cannot bear the idea of washing dishes or staking a dishwasher, there are a lot of alternatives to plastic that includes bamboo, areca palm, tapioca, leaf and surcease plates, bamboo skewers, wooden and PLA cutlery, paper cups lined with PLA (remember to write guests’ name on it!), eco napkins and biodegradable straws.

减少浪费的最好方法显然是使用你自己的餐具,避免所有的一次性塑料物品。在派对上和你的朋友一起洗碗也是一件相当有趣的事情!有这么多朋友在身边帮忙,清洗这些餐具不需要花费很多时间! 如果你真的无法忍受洗碗这件事情,也有很多塑料替代品,比如用竹子,槟榔,木薯,叶子制成的盘子,竹制的叉子,木制的或可再生生物降解餐具,聚乳酸涂层纸杯(记得在餐具上写上客人的名字!),生态餐巾纸和可生物降解的吸管。

5. Zero-Waste Gift wrapping /零浪费礼物包装

As for presents, ask your friends not to wrap gifts in paper packaging but to keep it simple. You can actually use everything you have at home and give it a second life. As a great alternative of wrapping paper, use fabric packaging (no necessarily need to buy; your old fabric would be good as well!). Fabric packaging can be reused to wrap other presents or as a tablecloth, headband.

至于礼物,可以请你的朋友省下礼物包装纸,简单就好。你可以赋予家中现有的材料第二次生命。作为包装纸的一个很好的选择,使用织物包装(不一定需要购买,旧布料也不错!) 织物包装可以重复使用,包装其他礼物或作为桌布,头巾。

Source(图片来源): Pinterest

Enjoy your Zero Waste party!


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