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What if we tell you about Zero Waste love? 你能想到什么是零浪费的爱吗?

No, we haven't gone nuts and started an Advice Column.

Notwithstanding, a Zero Waste lifestyle also means avoiding high costly waste of energy for our feelings and emotions.

So, if your partner is tearing the heart off your chest, then the Zero Waste suggestion for you is to start from that and get rid of him/her.

Only positive vibes allowed.


Illustration by Naomi Wilkinson (插图:Naomi Wilkinson)

Sex is arguably the most restricted topic in our society, a taboo not only in China or in Asia but also in countless countries around the world.

It makes us uncomfortable for social and religious conventions, although let's face it, we are 7 billion people in the world. Clearly, we are doing it and not talking enough about it!


As numerous statistics pointed out, Shanghai is a surprisingly active city despite being sleep deprived. Good news, besides being workaholics we are also having fun!

Hence, here we are wondering if in 2019 is not only possible to talk about sex, but also about eco-sexuality.



Illustration by Agathe Sorlet (插图:Agathe Sorlet)

Well, while it is plenty of contraceptive solution out there, having safe sex causes unavoidably little waste, and we believe that mental and body health is as much important as the environment.

Acknowledging that a reason for climate change is overpopulation, numerous researches support that undesired pregnancies are part of the problem. Therefore, we can say that protected sex is the best form of sustainability in case, obviously, starting a family is not your decision in first place.



Illustration by Agathe Sorlet (插图:Agathe Sorlet)

And if you need one more reason to use protection, admit that STDs aren't pleasant neither, ergo we unquestionably recommend you to use condoms if you are having some deserved fun or browsing around while waiting for the love of your life.


Excluding condoms, birth control, IUD, dental dams, among the options, they all have an impact on our body, one way or another. There is no one-fit-all when talking about contraception.


Which is why, it is essential to carefully evaluate the proper method for each one of us, and don't forget that the Internet can never substitute for consulting your doctor.


Illustration by Audrey Lee (插图:Audrey Lee)

Why is it relevant to talk about sexuality?

Because, sure thing, sex is the most natural thing that we do, and stigmatizing it doesn't help neither to prevent nor to live it in a healthful and sustainable way.



The most widespread contraceptive way is certainly condoms.

Whether latex rubber-made (among 6 months to 4 years to decompose, they also have an impact on rubber trees and deforestation) or plastic-based (polyurethane takes a long time to decompose), condoms are an intricate matter in term of fair-trade and sustainability.



Illustration by Agathe Sorlet (插图:Agathe Sorlet)

As usual, the important thing is always to know what you are buying in terms of chemical composition, of brand fair trade, of impact on your body and on the environment.

One big piece of advice is DO NOT FLUSH CONDOMS DOWN THE TOILET.

Since they take long time to decompose, also they are big traps for the marine animals.


Unfortunately, we haven’t found any sustainable local condoms brands so far.

However, you can check for these overseas certified vegan, cruelty free and fair trade brands such as Glyde, Sustain Natural and Sir Richard’s.


不过,你可以看看这些海外认证的素食、无残酷和公平贸易品牌,比如Glyde、Sustain Natural和Sir Richard’s。

Do you know any Chinese brand going for eco-friendly condoms or accessories?

We feel that it can be a great business to start in China. Just saying ;)



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