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5 Must-Read Books on Sustainability 5本关于可持续发展的必读书籍

Literature has always been the mirror of society. Everything that happened in history, all the wounds experienced time by time, can be clearly found in writers' masterpieces.


In recent years, along with the rising concern about environment preservation, sustainability literature has blossomed. This time, the big concern is the environment and of course, literature cannot be silent. But how can literature engage with sustainability debate?


Sustainability literature mainly denounces the actual environmental conditions and exploitation providing at the same time new solutions for solving the challenging riddle, how can progress go together with sustainability?


Cradle to Cradle-Remarking the Way We Make Things


The traditional response to the need to defend ecosystems from our aggression and to stem the depletion of natural resources has always been to reduce the intensity of production processes, recycle the resulting waste and limit consumption. But in Cradle to Cradle, William McDonough and Michael Braungart challenge this mainstream idea that progress must inevitably damage the environment and hypothesize the redesign of a supply chain that would consider the reintegration of materials in successive production cycles as biological nutrients that safely reenter the environment or reused in industrial circles for new products.

保护生态系统免受我们侵略和制止自然资源耗竭的需要的传统反应一向是减少生产过程的强度、回收产生的废物和限制消费。但在《从摇篮到摇篮》,威廉·麦克唐纳(William McDonough)和迈克尔·布劳恩加特(Michael Braungart)挑战了进展必然会破坏环境这一主流思想,并且假设重新设计供应链,考虑连续生产周期中物料的重新整合,作为生物营养素,安全的重新进入环境或在工业循环中为新产品重复使用。

The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability-Designing for Abundance

升级改造: 超越可持续性——为丰富而设计

The Upcycle is Michael Braungart and William McDonough’s follow-up to Cradle to Cradle. With different examples, it demonstrates that all the ideas argued in the previous book have effectively been put into practice resulting in new products and industries cycles. In addition, a new eye-opening vision comes out from the words of the writers: besides USE-RECYCLE-REUSE, humans can actually improve the environment, make it grow. For the writers is just a matter of design. Urge to redesign buildings, ideas, industries where everything we create and build is no longer for sustaining life on the planet but to make it grow. Redesign the human role on the earth, shifting from protecting the planet from our self-actions to actually improve it.

升级改造是迈克尔·布劳恩加特(Michael Braungart)和威廉·麦克唐纳(William McDonough)的《从摇篮到摇篮》的续篇。通过不同的例子,它证明了前一本书中所讨论的所有想法都已经有效地付诸实践,产生了新的产品和行业周期。此外,作者还提出了一个令人大开眼界的观点:除了使用-回收-再利用,人类实际上还可以改善环境,使其成长。对于作者来说,这只是一个设计问题。强烈要求重新设计建筑、创意和工业,我们创造和建造的一切不再是为了维持地球上的生命,而是为了让它成长。重新设计人类在地球上的角色,从保护地球转向改善地球。

Silent Spring


The book is commonly considered as a manifesto of the environmental movement and describes with scientific researches and analysis the irreversible damage of DDT and pesticides on both the environment and human beings. The author, Rachel Carson, openly denounces the chemical industry in providing disinformation. For the author, the overuse of pesticides will create new resistances that will weak ecosystems even more.

这本书被普遍认为是环境运动的宣言,通过科学研究和分析DDT和杀虫剂对环境和人类造成的不可逆转的破坏。作者雷切尔·卡森(Rachel Carson)公开谴责化工行业提供虚假信息。对作者来说,过度使用杀虫剂会产生新的抗药性,从而使生态系统更加脆弱。

The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us


Humans have impacted the entire planet so deeply that paleontologist Anthony Barnosky has likened it to an asteroid strike. We have changed the rate of extinction and changed the pH of our oceans. We have built megacities which impact animals and nature deeply, we have manipulated DNA. We did everything by our self, nothing about environment is an outsider treat, everything has started form us. We are the threat and solution to the environmental problem.


With her precise and scientific writing, award-winning nature writer Diane Ackerman talks about all these dramatic transformations that are shaping and changing our world, nature, and people.


Wear No Evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe


Do you love fashion and beauty but want to be sustainable at the same time? Wear No Evil is the book for you. Greta Eagan will help you to navigate between fashion and ethics. Wear No Evil gives you good advice on how to shop green and how to start your closet-cleanliness exercises. It gives precious information about green make-up and how to treat hair, nails, skin with natural and green remedy. It is not true that style and sustainability are mutually exclusive; by educating consumers about ethical spending, the author objective is to recommend a less consumerist and more conscious lifestyle.

你喜欢时尚和美丽,但同时又想可持续发展吗?《不穿邪恶》是给你的书。Greta Eagan将帮助你在时尚和道德之间游走。《不穿邪恶》为你提供了关于如何购买绿色衣物和如何开始你的衣橱清洁练习的好建议。它提供了有关绿色化妆品的宝贵信息,如何用天然绿色的方法护理头发,指甲与皮肤。时尚和可持续性并不是相互排斥的; 通过教育消费者道德消费,作者的目标是推荐一种更少的消费主义和更有意识的生活方式。

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