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The Most Important Corporate Training for this year: The Waste Management Sorting Law Corporate Trai

Shanghai’s domestic waste management law (DWML) will take effect on July 1.

But what does this mean? What is expected from companies and households in order to be in line with this new regulation?

It’s not the first time that China (or Shanghai in particular) have implemented regulations around waste management, but this one is impacting everyone. Word is spreading around the city (and abroad) about this new regulation that is changing the waste management scene.

At Zer’0Waste Shanghai we're organizing a special Corporate Training to help companies ease into this new regulation. The main goal is to explain the basic understanding of the new law, so that corporations are able to set up a proper plan of action that follows the requirements in terms of waste reduction, waste sorting and turning waste into resources.

What to expect?

During the two and half hour (2h30) training, employees will receive a briefing on this new regulation to better understand the context, the long term goal and the expectations. This will be followed by a game in which teams will compete against the other to get the most points and win a price!

This game is built in a way to better understand and put into practice how to sort waste correctly and gather a broader understanding of what sustainability means! Memory, speed, teamwork and creativity, will be tested in a fun and interactive way.

The game will be followed up by a special Zero Waste activity of your choice: How to Make a Compost Bin or #Iamzerowaste workshop, in which people will discover simple solutions to reduce or eliminate the need for plastics.

The idea behind this training is to have a holistic new understanding of this regulation through an interesting and interactive way. The DWML is not solely focusing on the waste sorting aspect, but also on how to reduce waste at the source, and how to turn waste into resources. Because that’s where true opportunity lies for both planet, people and profits.

If you would like to have more information on availability for the training, please contact us at

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