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TRUE certification (*) is a recognised opportunity for businesses to fulfill the motivation for becoming a zero waste business or help celebrate and maintain the zero waste policies and values already achieved. It welcomes the possibility that businesses can sustainably develop further and collectively, whilst bringing a range of benefits to a business.

ZeroWAste Shanghai are proud to be recognised as TRUE advisors and welcome the opportunity to work with your business/ business projects, to meet zero waste goals.

The benefits: TRUE certification programme can:

1) Save you money. This is the big motivator for any business, so how is it done? In such a simple way! Through generating waste you’re being inefficient with your resources. Therefore, by transitioning to zero waste this increases resource efficiency, money saved, and thus improving the business bottom line.

2) Support business progression: As a secondary economic benefit, money saved can be reinvested into other areas of the business, potentially generating new jobs and expanding the development of current and new markets. Through encouraging efficiency in production, environmental advancement strategies can create repercussions of larger, more innovative steps, towards business functions.

3)Support business relationships: TRUE certification can promote stronger relationships within your business, through providing training for all employees regarding what the zero waste transition will mean. This will provide universal cohesion about what is expected to reach this status. Additionally, it can create professional relationships with business vendors and customers, as well as between new businesses.

4)Status of certification: The benefit of achieving a certification, acknowledges that a business is actively taking responsibility about how they are impacting both the environment and the local and global community. TRUE certification also highlights how the business is looking towards the future, to maintain this certification also.

5)Expands Business opportunities: Encourages more businesses to work collectively towards the same zero waste goal. Greater networking exposure creates exciting opportunities within various communities. TRUE certification can provide your business the possibility of working with like minded individuals, achieving zero waste functions and maintaining zero waste mentality.

Pollution in Hebei. Picture: Simon Song

How can your business become TRUE certified?

Companies such as Tesla, HP and Kellogs have taken up TRUE certification and you can do the same with our help!

At Zero Waste Shanghai we offer a full scope of assistance to aid businesses in achieving a sustainable zero waste function. This includes a zero waste audit to measure the extent of waste generation within your business, and propose money saving solutions to combat this.

Furthermore, we offer sustainability training to employees, involving a range of activities whereby they will learn the principles of becoming a zero waste company; proposing new solutions, learning about how to be sustainably efficient (circular economy a main focus point) and how to re-think sustainable solutions/designs, whilst maximising profit.

Both of these strategies will also contribute towards the assistance we provide for businesses to achieve the TRUE certification. As TRUE advisors we will supply step by step guidance and support for your business to reach the requirements of the TRUE certification.

However, the support and guidance doesn’t just stop once a certification is achieved!

Maintaining a zero waste business lifestyle is critical. We offer team building events, (such as waste management sorting law training) customised workshops, (such as composting) and even seminar and lecture events too. These services can help instill, refresh and update your team about zero waste and sustainability.

So what do you think about the TRUE certification?

Is a certification the right method to applaud those who have achieved and are maintaining a zero waste business, as well as encourage others to follow in example? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Just get in touch with us about it or any questions you have!

(*) TRUE certification is a solely business certification, administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), the goal of TRUE certification is to help businesses become responsibly resource efficient, by reducing their ecological footprint, supporting ecological and public health systems, through achieving zero waste and provide a recognised status as a zero waste business. Further information about the TRUE certification will be found at the website below:

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