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6 Sustainable Brands Born and Raised in China.

By Joyce.

Currently, in China, many foreign brands dominate the market for sustainable products. But recently many local brands have launched their own products to latch on to consumers' growing awareness. Take a look at these 6 Chinese brands that, with their home-field advantage, are heralding in a nationwide green revolution. 虽然目前国内的环保产品大多数来自于外国品牌,但是近几年,跟着增长的意识和全球环保趋势,也成立了许多国内环保品牌。来看看这6个国产品牌是怎么掀起了一场绿色革命。


For the many people who sustain themselves on coffee, little thought is given to what happens to the coffee grounds after discarding them. Every day, 40,000 tons of coffee grounds are disposed of in landfills, creating methane, a greenhouse gas that captures heat roughly 30 times higher than carbon dioxide. Other than keeping the grounds to exfoliate your skin or use as compost for your garden, Kafftec is offering an alternative. Kafftec reuses coffee grounds to make thermos, notebooks, and even chairs. But it doesn't end there — they vow to serve both companies and nature by providing sustainable solutions through recycling and material engineering. 很多人都靠咖啡续命,但有没有想过扔完咖啡渣的后果?每天,4万吨咖啡残渣会被填埋,腐烂过程中释放大量的甲烷(一种比二氧化碳吸收热量多30倍的温室气体)。咖法将这些咖啡渣制作成水壶、笔记本甚至椅子,但是咖法还有更长远的使命:通过回收和材料工程,咖法希望使消费产生的废料得到在利用。

WeChat Official Account / 微信公众号 KAFFTEC咖法

Ecobuyer one

Ecobuyer is an online platform that curates and sells products from sustainable brands ranging from cosmetics to clothing, vegan food, or household products. It was founded in Beijing but has since expanded to deliver to the entire country, regularly publishing sustainable living content through its platform in addition to selling green products. They offer a pretty comprehensive catalog of available sustainable brands in China including Dear Dahlia, Omnipork, YOMT, Stojo, and Luüna. 一颗,坐标北京,是国内首家可持续生活方式新媒体及电商品牌,平台上的环保品牌包括韩国美妆Dear Dahlia、植物肉品牌Omnipork、国内首家环保内衣品牌YOMT、随身杯品牌Stojo和有机经期护理产品品牌Luüna。

Where to find them / 如何购买 WeChat Official Account / 微信公众号: eco buyer Taobao / 淘宝: 🌿₴vDNdX2AOWu1🌿 Sober Beauty Soyuki Sober Beauty was founded in Shanghai in 2019 as China's first sustainable beauty brand. Their philosophy is clean, effortless, and mindful, carefully selecting safe ingredients, following a strict no-animal-testing policy, and using plastic-free packaging. Through their slogan “You are what you make up!” they hope to rally Chinese consumers to this cause, transforming sustainable beauty in China from fringe to mainstream. 2019年诞生于上海素幸是国内首家纯净彩妆,通过“纯净,精简和永续”的理念提供不含有害成分、不做动物测试及无塑料包装的美妆产品。素幸提倡自然,轻柔,光感和毫不费力,期望可以引领国内可持续彩妆潮流。

Where to find them / 如何购买 HEYSHOP No. 1249 Yuyuan Rd. 愚园路1249号 WeChat Official Account / 微信公众号: Sober_Beauty Taobao / 淘宝: 🌿t713XdaXuKZ₤🌿 YOMT Yuemei Similarly, YOMT has established itself as the first Chinese sustainable underwear brand. It has received FSC, PEFC, TÜV, and Higg certifications, which verify the environmental and social sustainability and biodegradability of its materials. YOMT has released a new collection using plant fibers to create breathable and flexible intimate apparel. They promote affordable and sustainable products to better “love yourself and love your planet.” 越美也是国内环保品牌的先锋,主要制作“好穿不贵又地球友好的”内衣。越美的材料都使用环保植物纤维,内衣制作过程的环境和社会方面的可持续性也获得过FSC,PEFC,TÜV和Higg等第三方组织已的认证。他们以植物为灵感,研发一个“爱自己,爱地球”的可持续品牌。

Where to find them / 如何购买 WeChat Official Account / 微信公众号: yomt2020 Taobao / 淘宝: 🌿£E2KFXdaW8Y4₤🌿 On Ecobuyer / 一棵商城: 🌿₴vDNdX2AOWu1🌿 HowBottle As its name suggests, HowBottle produces bags made from recycled plastic bottles. This brand traces sustainability through its entire supply chain and recently received the B Corp certification, which is awarded to businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance and public transparency. They have since gone beyond bags, collaborating with brands such as Coca-Cola and HEYTEA to produce raincoats and clothing. 顾名思义,好瓶把回收店塑料瓶制作成时尚的新包包,以高标准的环保材料、合作的供应链、养护与回收获得多项第三方认证,包括B Corp。除了原创的包包,好瓶也生产了许多联名款产品,比如可口可乐联名的旅行包和喜茶联名的雨衣。

Where to find them / 如何购买 WeChat Official Account / 微信公众号: howbottle Taobao / 淘宝: 🌿£QjTuXda2I6W₤🌿 nudepeche Nudepeche is a Chinese activewear brand that also uses recycled plastic bottles as its primary material. Each piece of their clothing is made of recycled polyester fiber which contains up to 25 water bottles and uses 90% less water and 50% less energy than virgin polyester. Nudepeche also offers to recollect their worn-out products from consumers to recycle into new clothing, preventing the disposal of clothing into landfills. 裸桃是个国内环保运动装品牌,每件衣物的面料都是以塑料瓶制作的再生涤纶,比制作新涤纶减少90%的用水量和50%的能源消耗。每一件都可以防止多达25个废弃塑料瓶进入垃圾填埋场,而当你的裸桃衣物穿旧后都可以交回店里进行回收。

Where to find them / 如何购买 WeChat Official Account / 微信公众号: nudepeche Taobao / 淘宝: 🌿 £Z7t2XdadSMs🌿


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