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7 reasons to get the Zero Waste Kitchen booklet 给你7个抢走《零浪费厨房画册》的理由

7 reasons to get the Zero Waste Kitchen booklet


7 reasons why you have to get one (or more) copies of our Illustrated Guide to Zero Waste -The Kitchen-; the first one of our new series of guides that will encourage you and others to change your life in an amazing positive way.


1. The kitchen of your best friend is a mess. Or yours.

This guide contains quick, easy, efficient solutions towards a more efficient, minimalist and zero waste kitchen.



2.You know someone that wants to start a more sustainable lifestyle.

The amazing drawings and the simplicity of the text of the booklet will motivate everybody to start a new amazing green live.



3. Some of your close friends or family is going to have their birthday.

This is an original present that can open the eyes in an incredibly positive way; especially because most of us want a nice, minimalist and zero waste kitchen style.



4. You have had a work promotion.

Why not be nice to the one who promoted your job, and give him/ her an original and unpredictable gift?



5. You want your love to be more environmentally-friendly.

Yes, we know. Sometimes in couples, one is super green, the other one doesn’t care. This clear and handy illustrated guide can encourage anyone to become greener.



6. Christmas is almost around the corner.

Yes, it is still far… but not very far… Think about a family member who would enjoy this guide. Maybe someone who’s already complaining about how much plastic there are in the oceans?



7. You.

You deserve a nice present, because you want to start a zero waste lifestyle or because you are already a zero waste hero. Because having this booklet at home will remind you every day, that you are fighting for a better planet. And you will be able to share it with anyone.



To order your copy scan the QR and enjoy!!!!


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