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8 New Year’s Zero Waste Resolutions

Can you believe that it has been 20 years since the world celebrated the millennium?

If you still remember the old-fashioned way to order food delivery – first look at a piece of paper and then pick up the phone, raise your hand!

Now 2020 is here and Zero Waste Shanghai wishes you happy new year, may it be filled with love, joy, health and kindness. So let’s get it started with New Year’s zero waste resolutions! We come up with 8 tips for you that are super-easy to fulfill and we’re sure that once you try them, they will become part your lifestyle.

Because being eco-friendly is new cool.

1. Always bring your zero waste kit

source: Pinterest

Going fully zero waste takes a little bit of preparation, however once you get ready, “unexpected shopping” cannot surprise you anymore! You don’t need to buy your new zero waste kit, just look around your home and you’ll find everything to go through the day without producing any waste:

-Water bottle to refill

-Coffee cup to take-away (plus the coffee tastes way better)

-Food containers or jars

-Chopsticks and cutlery (wooden ones would do the job – they are light and no jingling sound in your bag)

-Reusable bag(s)

2. No disposable utensils

source: Pinterest

Even when you’re fully equipped with your zero waste utensils, you might get into the situations when it’s challenging not to produce any waste; especially when you are out of your daily routine, like during your travels or when throwing a party. The key to success is to use your planning skills and creativity! Instead of refreshing with wet wipes (which also contain plastic and it takes hundreds years to decay), why not to pack a regular travel-friendly-size soap? Organizing a party? Short on cups and plates? Send your guests a kindly reminder to bring their own utensils! Even though buying single-use compostable plates might sound like zero waste option, in reality we cannot compost them in the backyard as they need a special high-temperature composter to fully decay. Nothing can compare to the old good plate :)

3. No candy, please!

source: Internet

Saying “stop” to processed sugar has a great impact both on your health and the planet and it’s actually easier than you think! Just have some fruit with you and remember, nothing can cheer your day more than homemade banana oatmeal cookies. Moreover, processed sugar usually comes as packaged candy or soda, so giving them up means taking your zero waste lifestyle to higher level.

4. No more food delivery

source: Pexels

We all know the feeling – it’s raining outside, you’re at home under the blanket, all cosy and everything, when your stomach starts talking to you. Nothing is cooked, at best one cucumber left in your fridge, but luckily we live in the age of food delivery! So you reached the phone and in a few seconds your food is being prepared.

But did you realize that the time you spend waiting for the food probably equals the time you can reach the restaurant? So let’s get your umbrella and enjoy the walking to get your dinner! Not only you avoid all the plastics and eliminate the carbon footprint produced by food transportation, but it’s good for your health and you’ll feel great!

5. More plant-based dishes

source: Pexels

When it comes to meat consumption, people’s opinions often differ, however there is something what even scientists from all over the world have in common – in order to save the Earth, we need to change our food habits and eat mostly plant-based foods while reducing the meat consumption. Everyone’s food journey is different, but there is no doubt that the more vegetables you have on your plate the better and more energetic you feel. And if you’re new in this veggie world, look for some cooking workshop - serving some delicious vegetarian dish to your friends is the ultimate proof that vegetables are never boring!

6. Spread the word

source: Pexels

Your lunch is in your food container, coffee in your thermo cup, reusable bag ready for the grocery and with this great feeling you go outside where you see other people’s giant wasting – how can you even keep your inner peace, right? First of all, stay positive! The change needs time (during the millennial celebration probably no one even though of “zero waste” and look, now there are many people worldwide sharing the same ideas) and you already are part of it. Try to take it as an opportunity to spread the word about the environmental situation and show your family or friends how to be eco-friendlier. Just remember being kind and patient, because as mentioned above, everyone’s eco-journey is different.

7. Be with people of the same values

source: Pexels

This lifestyle is not only about not producing the waste, but mostly about changing the values and eventually becoming more free in mind, perceiving the beauty of non-materialistic world around us. And there are already many people like this! Look for the communities of zero waste friends, vegetarian groups, volunteers or nature lovers; you can build new strong friendships and stay tuned about the green news and activities.

You haven’t found any? Create the group! What about organizing spring swap event in your area? Or trash picking? Imagination is your only limitation.

8. Zero time wasted

source: Pexels

Living zero waste lifestyle goes hand in hand with taking care and loving yourself. Find time to do what makes you happy or learn something new you’ve always wanted. Do yoga, exercise, meditate, paint – simply let the energy flow!

Zer'0 Waste Shanghais

wishes you a Happy New Year!


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