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L'Homme Dans La Mer Du Nord | The Man In The North Sea | A Fine Art Portrait Series

When I was in my teens, I lived partially on Tumblr... I would spend hours reblogging pictures of the life I wanted. Think hiking trips, dusty old trucks big enough to sleep in with your dog(s), coffee over the fire, and the occasional fashion and fine art portrait.

I remember a picture of a man in a suit standing knee-high in a lake. It was such a cool and unexpected image.

Fast-forward to a few months ago, when I was assigned to shoot a place by the Belgian coastline, the North Sea.

I wanted to take advantage of being there to combine this shoot with a creative one. As I was biking through Antwerp, thinking about who I could ask to pose for this shoot, my friend JD called me, saying he wanted me to take portraits for his new website. P E R F E C T.

Also, I suggested we try to do a bit of a branding shoot. He's in the business of selling custom-made curtains, TECO Home, and I wanted to spice up his portrait to contrast it with the industry standards.

And he agreed!

A suited man in the north sea
Art Photography - L Homme Dans La Mer du Nord

We agreed to meet on a crisp November day by the Belgian coastline - a place with many childhood memories through all the seasons.

As we arrived, the salty breeze greeted us, and the rhythmic crash of waves set the mood. The place unfolded before us, a canvas waiting to capture the essence of our collaboration.

JD, in his tailored suit, stood poised against the sea, a stark contrast to the horizon. The fading sunlight added a touch of magic, casting a soft glow on the entire scene.

The photo shoot felt like an unspoken dialogue between man and sea.

Portrait & Jewelry Photography in Antwerp


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Alizée CCM is an adventure junkie who loves to drive to new and familiar places in the spirit of learning and discovery. She's a portrait and art photographer based in Antwerp, with a love for humans, jewelry, tea, fashion, psychology, and so much more... Besides photography, she writes and delves in the world of film.


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