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Coconut water gre3n: Holiday vibe in our hectic urban life! gre3n 椰子水:忙碌城市生活中的假日气息!

Written by Natal - Translated by Chegnye

This article is not sponsored. In Zero Waste Shanghai, we strongly believe in the magic of coconut water elixir. And what can be better than having it directly from the Thai organic farm! 这篇文章可不是赞助文章,在上海五R零,我们坚信椰子水的神奇魔力。还有什么比直接从泰国的有机农场里买到更好呢!

Coconuts are especially high in manganese, which is essential for bone health and the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and cholesterol ( 8 ). They're also rich in copper and iron, which help form red blood cells, as well as selenium, an important antioxidant that protects your cells.

Last year, some colleagues from ZWS and me were part of an eco-sustainable trip, just few hours far from Shanghai. Before starting to explore the secrets of the bamboo forest, someone passed me a can of coconut water. As a big fan of minimalistic designs, it immediately caught my attention. gre3n? That was the first time I tried it; the aroma and taste were great! Later I went a little deeper into understanding the new brand I just discovered and found out that we follow similar life philosophies – the gre3n team summed them up into 3 B’s:

去年,我和五R零的一些同事参加了一次距上海仅几个小时路程的生态可持续的旅行。 在开始探索竹林秘密之前,有人给我送了一罐椰子水。作为简约设计的忠实拥护者,这罐椰子水立即引起了我的注意。它叫gre3n,是我第一次尝试,香气和味道都很棒! 后来,我更深入地了解了这个刚刚发现的新品牌,并发现我们遵循类似的生活理念– gre3n团队将其总结为三个立足点:


Thames, the founder of gre3n, included yoga and meditation into his everyday life; so do we! To be in connection with the nature and everything around us, we need to find our inner peace and balance; we need to embrace the concept of personal wellness, physically and spiritually; eating (and drinking) well means finding a harmony in our busy lifestyle. When you feel good, you do good.

Coconut products are full of nutrition and get you strength throughout the day. (Plus their Coco Chips are the blast! Fully recommended as a healthy snack for your sweet tooth.)

gre3n的创始人Thames将瑜伽和冥想纳入日常生活。我们也是如此, 为了与我们周围的自然和万物保持联系,我们需要找到内在的和平与平衡;我们需要在身体和精神上接受个人健康的概念;良好的饮食意味着在我们忙碌的生活方式中找到和谐。当您感觉良好时,您就会做得很好。




Being different means being unique – in a way of thinking, in our mindset and commitments. Following our desire for sustainable living, we all need to think out of the box and see things differently. Thames hopes to expand his products to other countries and thereby will be able to support the idea of lives transformation towards health and wellness.

And you can also use the products in various ways! Coconut water is not only awesome to drink straight from the can, but it’s also good for your morning smoothies or evening cocktails. I personally use coconut oil as a part of my vegan recipes, but it also plays an important role in my cosmetic routine – mostly as a base oil for my essential oils.





Even though “never give up” might sound like a cliché motivation quote, it is a crucial mindset to keep pushing on even when tough times make you feel like quitting! The story of the gre3n wasn’t going so smoothly from the beginning, but as they believed in their dreams, they could carry on till today! Now, the team of four ladies and Thames wants to grow more but still staying true to their values; one of which is believing that the balance must be preserved. Therefore, gre3n tries to support the local community in farms in Samut Songkhram.

即使“永不放弃”听起来像是陈词滥调的鸡汤,但要知道的是,即使在艰难的时刻让人想要退出,也要坚持前进,这是一种至关重要的心态!gre3n的故事从一开始也没有那么顺利,但是正如他们相信自己的梦想,他们可以延续到今天!现在,由和Thames和四位女士组成的团队希望在忠于自己的价值观的基础上有长足发展,其中之一是认为必须保持平衡。 因此,gre3n支持泰国沙没颂堪府农场的当地社区。


* opening the can * 打开罐头吧

Cheers, guys! May the coconut water bring you back to your holiday vibe.



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