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Do you want to know a disruptive way of living?

Zero Waste Philosophy as a power tool to improve our Planet.

For years we've been told that recycling was the right way. Nobody was feeling guilty to throw away everything we did not need anymore, as long as it could be thrown in the correct recycling bin. But with waste piling up, we realized that a more radical resolution has to be made. Individuals have to be reeducated, involving all of us in sustaining a circular economy model, that takes into consideration the final journey of every item we produce and buy.

Sustainability can be cool.

Sustainability and environment focus start-up Zero Waste Shanghai, in collaboration with the coworking space theDesk, is glad to present a disruptive series of talks to raise awareness about the Zero Waste philosophy and how to contribute to a better Planet, from our day-to-day or inside a company.

Zero Waste Shanghai will also receive the support of Shaving in the Dark, a Shanghai- based collective of artists with a passion for comics and illustration. They do whatever they can to make art more funny and accessible. Shaving in the Dark will be responsible of all the incredible graphic materials matching our talks. On every encounter, a different artist will create a memorable poster inspired by our topic, creating a small but impactful piece of art from each one of our events.

Zero Waste Shanghai and Linwards on retreat near Dianshang Lake, with workshops on Sustainability and Conscious Living.

The power of the Community.

Alizée B., founder of Zero Waste Shanghai, will guide you through 12 talks approaching the Zero Waste lifestyle -in different formats- in all aspects of our life, from our daily life to the work environment.

At Zero Waste Shanghai we believe in the power of the community to help to fight the climate crisis and plastic pollution. We all can make an impact: how we live, act, speak has ripple effects on our environment. We can and must be part of the solution, reducing the waste in our world.

Among the topics that Alizée will introduce, you will find: how to divert trash in Shanghai, redesign with a sustainable vision, Zero Waste cities in China, minimalism, circular economy, the importance of sustainability within education, and a lot more, so we invite you to follow us!

One Wednesday every month, the Sustainable Talks will be held at theDesk Bridge 8 -a pioneer coworking and event space from HK -they bring stirring productive collisions among the rich resource of entrepreneurs and global personalities around the area. All of the talks will cost 50 RMB. All the attendants will also enjoy some seasonal snacks and fruits, thanks to Epermarket, an online supermarket experts in fresh and imported groceries.

The Talk #1: NO: breaking through the preconceptions around a Zero Waste lifestyle, was held on January 15th. Alizée shared her experience about shifting to a more sustainable life, and how, after all, small actions matter. At the same time Zovi, artist, musician and cofounder of Shaving in the Dark will delight the assistants with a drawing performance, illustrating the words of Alizée.

Drawing that Zovi, artist, musician and cofounder of Shaving in the Dark, was sketching during the talk.

After the talk we hosted a Zero Waste CNY party giving the opportunity to interact, exchange and discover sustainable products -food and beverage- through “tasting stations”.

Thank you to all the amazing new friends we met during the talk.

We would love it if you join us the next Talk

Wednesday 11th, February, Talk #2: Trash

Besides the financial and environmental impact, China break-up is creating a huge cultural impact. For years we have been told that recycling was the right way. Nobody was feeling guilty to throw everything we did not need anymore away as long as it could be thrown in the correct recycling bin. But with waste piles up more and more, citizens need to be reeducated and need all of us to help sustaining a new circular economy that takes into consideration the final life of everything we buy or produce.

So during the talk we will learn about:

Where trash go now that China ban the import plastics?, New waste sorting Law inShanghai, How To Divert Trash in Shanghai, the New Generation Z... and we will play the Trash Heros game to discovered our knowledge about sustainability.

Scan QR for more info and registrations to the Talk#2.

Upcoming Talks:

March, Talk #3: The great Switch

April, Talk #4: Breaking free from Planet Obsolescence Slavery

June, Talk #5: Stop the Fast Fashion: regression or progression?

July, Talk #6: China Zero Waste Cities.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

This talks are powered by

Zer’0 Waste Shanghai is a company founded in 2016 with head office in the city of Shanghai. Zer’0 Waste Shanghai provides support and advice to corporations, schools and individuals who are working towards a more sustainable future. We do this through workshops, seminars and consulting services, such as audits and certification acquirements.

And thankful to the support of

Shaving in the Dark is a Shanghai- based collective of artists (some say "nerds") with a passion for comics and illustration. We like to think of ourselves as a community-driven platform for free expression and indie comics to liberate the cartoons lurking inside all of us. We do monthly Drink & Draw events to gather the horde, as well as art workshops that build skills, and occasionally brand partnerships or lifestyle fairs what-have-you, where we do murals, body painting, portraits, mini drawing classes, comic swaps… whatever we can do to make art more fun and accessible.

Subscribe to our WeChat channel to stay up to date with what we're up to, and come along to our next event to get involved. Everyone is welcome, from pencil wielding professionals to those whose fingers cower in the shadow of the graphite tool. So why not give it a go?

theDesk Shanghai, originally from Hong Kong, is a coworking and events space at Bridge 8. The new venue emerges as a fresh addition to the already exciting hive of businesses within one of China’s renowned creative industrial parks, the Bridge 8.

With three floors of shared workspaces, theDesk brings its signature clean interiors to the 22,000 square feet space, stirring productive collisions among the rich resource of entrepreneurs and global personalities around the area. Its event space accommodates up to 120 people, providing a central venue for larger networking engagements for all members and neighboring communities.​

When you think of fresh and imported grocery experts, Epermarket should come to mind. They are an online supermarket that has over 5000 imported products, from a source you can trust. Whether you are looking for fresh fruit and organic vegetables sourced from over 35 partner farms, pantry favorites such as pasta and condiments, or even home care products such as kitchenware and small appliances, Epermarket has everything you need. You can also enjoy convenient delivery times and receive your groceries 7 days a week. Plus, an international customer service team that offers support in English, French and Chinese. Epermarket is also ISO 9001 certified, and routinely tests their fresh products with SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and Certification Company.

Sekkei Studio was created in 2008 in Shanghai, an independent full-service digital marketing agency with branches in Paris and Hong Kong. With our talented multilingual team, our main mission is to accompany foreign brands on their market development in China, from strategy to execution to evaluation with our knowledge and expertise in the unique Chinese digital landscape.

Our core services include digital channel localization, WeChat and Weibo social media marketing, WeChat e-commerce & social CRM, and Baidu SEO and SEM campaign management.

Visit or follow our WeChat account to find out more:

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