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Ecotourism: our pick selection near Shanghai

We want to introduce you to the concept of eco-tourism. First, what does it mean exactly?

Today, we bring you some snazzy ideas for your next vacation spot. Looking for a relaxing weekend getaway? An escape from the hustle and bustle of the city? We got you covered in this post.


Although there is a wide range of places that may pride itself for promoting eco-tourism, we like the definition provided by The International Ecotourism Society, which is “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people”. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? One sector that has been on the rise is eco-friendly resorts. These vacation spots tend to be more remote and are integrated into their respective natural surroundings. They allow guests to experience the environment there without leaving a large negative impact and practice high-standard environmental responsibility. Top ones are extremely aware of using renewable energy sources, recycling systems, energy efficient materials, and locally-sourced materials as well as labor. Various eco-friendly resorts also want to encourage better relationships with the local community and responsible interaction with nature and surrounding wildlife. We found one near Shanghai that might be interesting to check out!



This place boasts a comprehensive, eco-friendly stay away from home in Zhejiang Province. Naked Stables, founded by Grant Horsfield and designed by architect Delphine Yip, sits at the foothills of Moganshan, only about a two-hour-and-a-half drive from Shanghai.

The resort is a place to immerse oneself in the famous Moganshan lush greenery, through various activities for individuals and families. Opened in 2010, Naked Stables was awarded a LEED Platinum status in 2013 for its sustainability. In these recent few years, it has also been recognized and awarded for its architectural design.

这个地方叫做裸心谷,位于浙江省,拥有一个完善、环保的旅游之家。 由Grant Horsfield创立、建筑师叶菲设计,坐落在莫干山的山脚下,距离上海只有两个半小时的车程。

该度假胜地可举办各种针对个人和家庭的活动,让你沉浸在著名的莫干山郁郁葱葱的绿色植物中。 裸心谷于2010年开业,其可持续性在2013年荣获LEED白金奖。 在最近几年中,它的建筑设计也得到认可和奖励。

Integration with the environment


In an attempt to capture the local heritage and minimize disruption to the existing environment, naked Stables was built with an environmentally-friendly attitude. The Earth Huts and Main Lobby were constructed using compressed earth from nearby areas. Traditional construction techniques and materials like stonemasonry, the abundant surrounding bamboo, recycled timber structures were utilized. Local craftsmen were recruited in the construction process and local villagers have been employed as staff members.

为了利用当地物源并最大程度地减少对现有环境的破坏,裸心谷以环保的理念建造。 土屋和主厅是使用附近地区的压缩土建造的。 利用了传统的建筑技术和材料,例如石工,周围竹木丰富,可循环使用的木材结构。 在施工过程中招募了当地工匠,并雇用了当地村民。

Apart from that, the naked Gallery which hosts a variety of cultural and craft workshops also lets guests have some fun while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The gallery consists of four pavilions, each one carefully built using recycled, waste and natural materials available in the nearby forest. Things like locally available stones, excavated soil and bamboo are core parts of the structures. Paired with traditional building techniques, the construction costs, transportation costs, and construction waste involved were significantly decreased in the process. Other activities provided for guests outside the naked Gallery include mountain hikes, kite-flying, yoga and pottery.

除此之外,拥有各种文化和手工艺作坊的画廊也让客人在欣赏美丽风景的同时获得一些乐趣。 画廊由四个凉亭组成,每个凉亭都是使用附近森林中的回收废物和天然材料精心建造的。 诸如当地的石头,土壤和竹子之类的东西是结构的核心部分。 与传统的建筑技术相结合,在此过程中,建筑成本,运输成本和所涉及的建筑废料都大大减少了。画廊外为客人提供的其他活动包括远足,放风筝,瑜伽和陶器。

According to the naked Stables website, some key “green initiatives” the resort incorporated into their operation and design principles include building quality, energy conservation and environmental friendliness. The resort carefully optimizes its heating and cooling systems through methods like geothermal boreholes. Water recycling is utilized for irrigation and toilets. GEMS, a smart system for water and electricity usage, is also installed to help encourage guests to create better ecofriendly habits. Situated in such a natural habitat, the resort also leverages its sunlight exposure by installing solar panels to harness energy for use.

根据裸心谷网站显示,度假村将一些重要的“绿色倡议”纳入其运营和设计原则,包括建筑质量,节能和环保。 该度假胜地通过地热钻孔之类的方法精心优化了其加热和冷却系统。 循环水用于灌溉和厕所。 此外,还安装了GEMS(用于水和电的智能系统),以鼓励客人养成更好的环保习惯。 坐落在如此自然的栖息地中,该度假胜地还通过安装太阳能电池板来利用能源。

The other question is, what about the food? As you feast your eyes on the lush hillside, you can also enjoy the specifically curated menu options at the resort’s restaurant. The resort tries to organically and locally source its ingredients.

另一个问题是,食物呢? 当您在葱郁的山坡上大饱眼福时,您还可以在度假村的餐厅享用精选美食。 该度假村尝试有机和本地采购原料。

While the stay comes with a somewhat high price tag, the naked Stables experience does offer a comprehensive secluded vacation in the serene forests of Moganshan. The nearby sister naked Home Village also offers a rustic experience in chic converted farmhouses. You can check out the official website for more details.

虽然住宿价格较高,但裸心谷体验确实为莫干山宁静的森林提供了一个综合的僻静度假体验。 附近的姐妹度假景点Naked Home Village还提供别致的农舍改建的乡村体验。 您可以访问官方网站了解更多详细信息:https://www.nakedretreats.cn/naked-stables/zh-CN/

Before you plan your next vacation, remember to check out some eco-friendly options! As we want to explore more of the beautiful places around the world, let’s work together to encourage better awareness and respect for these natural habitats.

在计划下一个假期之前,考虑下环境友好型度假吧! 当我们想探索世界上更多美丽的地方时,让我们共同努力,鼓励人们更好地认识和尊重这些自然栖息地。