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Get the Zero Waste Started Kit for free, when you join our next workshop.

Our #IamZeroWaste Workshops are supported by incredible sustainable brands.

They contributed with their products to help us to have a free plastic or free waste lifestyle.

Discover what you will find inside our “Sustainable started Kit”, that you will get for free, if you join us the 24th of October.

Andean Apothecary Handmade tea light candle made with 100% pure natural beeswax and infused with the energy of Peruvian orchids for a vibrational frequency of Unconditional Love. Wechat ID: Kathzeim

Shanghai handmade Baluchon Panda Pads are 100% bamboo microfiber rounds (locally sourced fibers) designed to replace single-use, disposable wipes just as makeup removal pads, face wipes, breast pads, diaper wipes or more!

Wechat ID: Baluchon

BEEZIRO beeswax wrap, made of 100% organic cotton fabrics and natural beeswax, is a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic wrap that keeps your food fresh for longer, in a zero waste and healthy way!

Wechat ID: Beeziro

Boomis’s Moso Bamboo Toothbrushes are made from 100% FSC Certified Moso Bamboo, making the handle 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Wechat ID: Gh_8a9e35bf9737

CakeMyDay makes healthy plant-based cakes that give you good fats, nutrients and make you feel lighter (with gluten/sugar free options). We use many local natural and seasonal ingredients. We follow Zero Waste lifestyle and encourage our clients to do so.

Wechat ID: saradfmx

GRE3N Cold-processed Organic Coconut Oil: Raw, unrefined with absolute no heat. Unlike “cold-pressed” oils, which are heated to remove moisture, our oil undergoes physical cold extraction with zero heat added at any point in the process! Our coconuts are harvested from one only few EU and USDA organic farms in Thailand. Wechat ID: gre3nsh

Greenwave water testing kit to perform basic water tests at home. The kit includes 1 TSD meter (Total dissolved Solids) and 1 chlorine color reaction tester.

Wechat ID: Greenwave666

Zurita Madrid is a socially and environmentally conscious fashion brand. For us, sustainable is the last step of success; thus we provide women with the look they need on their way to success and sustainable life.

Wechat ID: zurita_design

Upcoming Workshop:

(*) Special discounts for groups of 3 or more (get 20% discount).

For registrations use WeChat to scan this code:

About the Venue

theDesk Shanghai, originally from Hong Kong, is a coworking and events space at Bridge 8. The new venue emerges as a fresh addition to the already exciting hive of businesses within one of China’s renowned creative industrial parks, the Bridge 8.

With three floors of shared workspaces, theDesk brings its signature clean interiors to the 22,000 square feet space, stirring productive collisions among the rich resource of entrepreneurs and global personalities around the area. Its event space accommodates up to 120 people, providing a central venue for larger networking engagements for all members and neighboring communities.​

Address: 103A, 457 Jumen Road, Phase IV, Bridge 8, Huangpu District
(上海市黄浦区局门路457,8号桥四期 103A)

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