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How Is Your Online Footprint Doing? 你的网络在线行为环保吗?

Ok, how many times a day do we search for something on the Internet?

Raise your hand if you ever searched for your name, or for amazing information like how many hairs an average dog has.

The WWW made our lives simpler, faster and, let's say it, funnier.

Nevertheless, have you ever thought where all these crazy information are stored?

We have to get in the mindset that this endless space comes to a price.

Of course, the "cloud" isn't an actual fluffy cloud.

There are servers around the world where all the massive quantity of our (often useless) information are collected and stored.

These servers run constantly 24/7, the A/C they need to be cooled generate a considerable amount of CO2. 你知道我们每天在互联网上搜索多少次吗?








Source: the Internet

So, from where to start to reduce the footprint of your digital routine?

We are all familiar with the thousand of unopened emails jamming our account, subscriptions that we made and we don't even remember how, when or why.

Well, do yourself and the environment a favor: DELETE ALL OF THEM and UNSUBSCRIBE.

If you haven't read them so far, what makes you believe you will read them any time soon. A little self-analysis: do you want to be constantly updated about every newspaper you read?

Breath and appreciate the satisfying feeling of no longer being overwhelmed by red notification as you get into your email.


我们都熟悉数千封未开的电子邮件的经历吧? 有些电子邮件我们甚至不记得何时、如何或为何订阅的。


如果你到目前为止还没有读过它们,那你还觉得会去再读么? 设想一下如果是过期报纸的话,你还会回过头去读旧闻吗?

当你清理完,再次打开邮箱时,就可以深呼吸, 好好享受不被红点通知压得透不过气的感觉了。

Source: the Internet

Use an Internet search engine that converts its footprint into eco-values. How? is a Berlin-based engine that plant a tree on every 45 searches on average.

They claim to tranform 47% of their monthly revenues coming from the pop-up advertisings into trees planting. So, after eliminating their operation costs, marketing activities, and reinvestments, they direct their surplus to cooperate with no-profit organization around the world that help them in reforesting those habitats in serious threat.

Their financial statements are public and for everyone to read. On YouTube, there are numerous videos available comparing Google renewable energy source with Ecosia business model, yet powered by Microsoft resources.

So far, we believe in Ecosia revolutionary idea that profit can be reinvested in saving the planet and great news!, can be used without a VPN!



他们声称将47%的月收入从弹出式广告转变为种植树木。因此,减去他们的运营成本,营销活动和再投资之后,他们的盈余用来与世界各地的非营利组织合作, 帮助他们在受到严重威胁的栖息地上重新造林。




Source: the Internet

Another thing you can do, if you love watching videos and tv-series, choose wisely one single provider without subscribing them all. They not only are among the biggest CO2 producers, but also time wasting monsters.

Stop scrolling your phone, close all those apps and get out to enjoy the nature.

Yet, we are not saying that technology is bad. Zer’0 Waste Shanghai itself and all the amazing movements born around the planet protection couldn’t be possible without the support of the social network.

We simply need to take control over our habits, and if necessary switch for different service if this can help protecting the planet, and our lives too. 如果你喜欢看视频和电视剧,还可以做一件事: 与其订阅各种频道,不如选择一家或少数几家媒体。 要知道,视频与电视剧不仅产生大量的二氧化碳,而且还是浪费时间的杀手!


当然,我们并没有说科技不好。如果没有社交与网络的支持, 零浪费本身以及各种时代发展都是不可能的。




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