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How to drive pro-environmental behavior? New Free Webinar.

Zero Waste Shanghai is happy to announce our next free webinar. Next Thursday, 13th of August, we will be talking with Adina Deacu about the value-action gap (*) theory proposed by Blake in 1999. In other words, she will share more insight about why just being aware of environmental issues is not enough to drive pro-environmental behavior, as well as the barriers that people might face in the process and how to overcome them.

We can truly recommend this webinar to all the professionals working in the sustainability area, policy makers, designers (as they should learn to design better choices for people) and students.

(*) The value-action gap is a psychological phenomenon where people act in a manner that is inconsistent with their personal values. This means that the value-action gap occurs when people act in a way that fails to support their values, or in a way that contradicts those values entirely.

Who is Adina Deacu 邱天美 ?

Adina Deacu 邱天美 is from Romania, and has been living in China for almost 7 years. Environmental Psychology Researcher ● Entrepreneur ● Educator ● Motivational Speaker

Adina Deacu 邱天美 is an Environmental Psychology Researcher studying different learning, working and living environments as context of behavior, as well as the influence that human behavior has in return on the environment as a whole. Through all the projects that she works on, she focuses on both the physical environments (interior/exterior design), as well as the social ones (human interaction design). Through her work she helps individuals and companies to create better learning and working environments with a focus to maximize individual potential, while enhancing cooperation, productivity, levels of wellbeing. She also leads behavioral change through environmental design, both physical and social, with the aim to drive pro-environmental behavior.

Additional hats she wears:

BA + MA Urban Planning | MSc Environmental Psychology | Sustainability Compass Licensed Trainer | “Tianmei’s World” Academy Founder | Sendzimir Foundation Alumni | 3 x TEDx speaker | Qingdao Start-up Weekend Entrepreneurship Mentor & Judge


August, Thursday 13th // 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm (China Time: Beijing/ Shanghai)

Free Registration:

China Mainland/ Scan QR


Zero Waste Shanghai Free Webinars every month

At Zero Waste Shanghai, we want to pay tribute to these doers and their stories, as another way for us to keep learning. Our goal is to meet common people, activists, companies, brands, associations from all over the globe, that are having a high social or environmental positive impact on the communities.


We want to exchange with our community around the world, and with our beloved China, a series of inspirational webinars. Webinars that will challenge us, making us questioning and thinking. The ultimate scope is to inspire us in shaping our behaviors for a better relationship with nature.


We aim to host two surprising free webinars every month.

-Feel free to contact us, sending proposals of people or institutions you feel that fit with our purpose-.



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