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My 10 favourite sustainable gifts 10 件我最喜欢的环保礼物

As a Belgian, not only do I love sweater weather (yes to colder weather, cosy knits, candles, hot chocolate and jazz music) but I also LOVE the period leading up to Christmas.


Christmas is about being with family and grateful for being together and surrounded by loved ones that yes, sometimes you’d wish them on the moon, but that’s part of the game called love. Food is definitely another BIG excitement of mine when the holidays are approaching. I think I mentioned it in a couple articles already but my dad is one of the best amateur chefs in the world (and I’ve had a lot of food in my life) so I will be spending half of my Christmas holidays in a food coma.


And lastly, the gifts… I love giving presents to my loved ones. I think I (almost) prefer giving gifts instead of receiving them. Gift giving is a big frenzy every year with all the brands pushing you to buy from them, but these last few years I’ve been more and more inclined to give something TRULY meaningful and most of all, creative.


Self Care:

Our team at Zer’0Waste knows this is my #1 favourite. When working so hard, especially for the environment or in social work, we tend to forget that taking care of others means to take care of ourselves first. A spa treatment, acupuncture, foot massage, just to name a few, are my go-to gifts. Creative? Maybe not so much, unless I put extra effort into the gift card decoration. 个人护理:我们零浪费的团队知道这是我的最爱。努力工作,尤其是为了保护环境或是参与社会工作时,我们有时会忘记照顾别人意味着先照顾好自己。就比如一次SPA、针灸、足浴,都是我会选择的礼物。不一定有创意,但是在包装上可以有发挥的空间!

Source: free people

New friend ritual:

One of my friends had the brilliant idea to gift a friend a trip to the spa followed by dinner. It was such a precious quality time that we often don’t give ourselves that we decided to keep this as a monthly ritual. Not only do we hold each other a bit accountable for a monthly self care moment, but it’s also a great way to spend time together.


Source: alizee buysschaert

Learn a new skill:

If I had it my way growing up, I think I would’ve been a skater girl playing guitar. Skateboarding is something I always wanted to master. Playing guitar with my friends in the evenings is such a powerful way of making meaningful connections. Guitar classes? Maybe Chinese cooking classes? Which skills have you heard your friends or family speak about that you could give them as a first step?


Source: the internet

A really cool board game:

Besides the fact that we have created a SUPERCOOL board (*coff* trash heroes *coff*), board games are becoming increasingly more popular as people want to get away from screens and spend more quality time with friends and beers.


Do you remember Twister game?

A trip:

Create memories, not things. We don’t need to go very far to discover new places. It’s even a fun excuse to leave the city and try some delicious new types of food, crafts, minorities, ...


Source: Alizee Ccm


Some of my friends are artists and there’s literally nothing I like to receive more than something made by them: a ceramic piece, a painting, a print, a sketch, a piece of jewellery… Gift creativity level? 100%.


Source: the internet

A great homemade meal:

(paired with good wine) I mean for a foodie like me, you can never disappoint me with a cooked meal and wine. 一顿亲手制作的饭菜:作为像我一样的吃货,如能献上一顿亲自下厨的饭菜,再配上美酒真是再美妙不过了。

Source: Alizee ccm

Healthy Natural Skin Care:

Essential Oils, natural oil for skin and hair ( join our #iamzerowaste workshop to know how to use it). Our skin is our largest organ, so what we put on it is very important. Natural everything is my go-to for any skin and hair care. 健康的自然护肤:用精油或天然油保护皮肤和头发(欢迎加入我们的#零浪费手工作坊来了解如何使用)。我们的皮肤是人体最大的部分,因此我们使用什么护肤尤为重要。自然护肤护发是我的选择。

Source: Davines


buying things that you know the other person will cherish and use for a long time (e.g. tools for your artist friend, local jewellery makers for your jewellery-fanatic friends, books (preferably pre-loved or electronic) for your bookworm friend: make sure they’ll love it pho-evah. 投其所好:可以购买你认为他或她会珍惜并用好长一段时间的礼物。比如:艺术家朋友会用到的工具、本土特色饰品给到喜欢穿戴的朋友、或是书虫朋友爱看的书(最好是电子版的,而且前提是他们会接受Pho Evah)。

Creativity, passion, love, education, sustainability! Yes I know, this shameless marketing ;-) but guys, this is really packed with a lot of great info on sustainability and will help your friends and colleagues to dip their toe in the waters of sustainable living.

And btw, …. The second edition is coming out soon … Stay tuned …



To order your copy scan the QR and enjoy!!!!


Any favourites in this list? What else would you add?

Happy holidays !




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