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PACE, the go-to online Sustainability course for companies.PACE, 企业线上可持续课程的不二选择

PACE is THE go-to practical, pragmatic and simple online sustainability course with guided exercises, for any decision maker or CSR manager whose company has internal sustainability or CSR goals. Those who want to achieve these goals and don’t know where to start.


The goal of the PACE course is to support professionals to start making a change today, by walking you through every step along the way. We’re taking an action step forward together.




  • easy to understand,


  • offering a step-by-step roadmap,

  • 一步一步具体的路线图,

  • bringing great content and solutions that are accessible and intelligible to your team.

  • 让您团队好懂又随时可查阅的内容和解决方案。

As of tomorrow you will be able to say to your clients that you have a sustainability goal and strategy. Within one week you will be able to start implementing your first changes.


PACE is also financially accessible. No need for big investments for drastic changes. For just 3088 RMB per year (or 435 USD/ Year), you have the roadmap at hand, anytime, anywhere.


The 12 modules of this course will support you during this gradual transition.


  • The first 6 modules are focused towards creating the strategy and the systems, and implementing small changes to reduce waste at the source,

  • 前6个模块着眼于建立一个战略和一个对应的系统,同时落实小的变化,从而达到在源头减少浪费的目的,

  • In the last 6 modules we move to more advanced and challenging issues such as turning waste into value and make products and services as sustainable as possible.

  • 后6个模块着眼于更有挑战的点上,比如变废为宝,做出可持续的服务和产品。

Our suggestion is to follow the order of the modules to flow with the PACE you wish.

The time spent on learning from the module is around 1 hour. The implementation time using the tools from the module will vary from company to company, the person in charge, and the collaboration between departments and colleagues.


PACE is divided into three parts:

PACE 分为三部分:

1/ The Main Curriculum: 12 modules introduced by a short video, a step by step to do list per topic, files and templates to record your findings and progress, and possible solutions and or strategies.


2/ Trimestrial bonus videos of success stories of companies who have either switched to a circular model or already have a circular model.


3/ Special Industry ‘Focus’ Modules (e.g. Fashion, F&B, Hospitality, etc)


For more information and prices about the online course link here.


After completing the course you will be able to tell your clients and customers that you have a sustainable strategy and you ALREADY started implementing practical changes within your company. You will explain to your team in an easy and intelligible way the sustainable strategy and roadmap. AND you will be able to say: Yes, we are implementing REAL sustainable changes within our company. (no greenwashing)


To benefit from the early bird discount, please use the code: PACEFORWARD. Valid until April 20th, 10pm.



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