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PACE, the online course for Sustainability in Business

The Zero Waste team and Alizée B, founder of Zero Waste Shanghai created an online Sustainability course for decision-makers and CSR managers in Small Medium Sized companies, called P.A.C.E: Pivoting -to- A Circular Economy.

五R零团队和创始人Alizée B为中小型企业的管理人员和CSR经理设计了一款线上课程P.A.C.E: 向循环经济转型。

The goal of PACE is to support companies to start implementing sustainable practices today, and share their positive impact with their clients and customers.


About PACE


PACE is THE go-to efficient and simple online sustainability class with guided exercises, for any decision maker or CSR manager in companies that have internal sustainability or CSR goals. Those who want to achieve these goals and don’t know where to start.


The goal of the PACE course is to support

professionals to start making a change today.


PACE is easy to understand, by offering a step-by-step roadmap, with great content and solutions that are accessible and intelligible to your team. As of tomorrow you will be able to say to your clients that you have a sustainability goal and strategy. Within one week you will be able to start implementing your first changes.


PACE is also financially accessible. No need for big investments for drastic changes. For just 3088 RMB per year (or 435 USD/ Year), you have the roadmap at hand, anytime, anywhere.

PACE也有一个很诱人的价格。完全不必投入重金以带来重大的改变。只要投资3088元 (430美元),您就随时随地,路线图在手了。

The 12 modules of this course will support you during this gradual transition. The first 6 months are focused towards implementing small changes to reduce waste at the source, after that we move to more advanced and challenging issues such as turning waste into value and make products and services as sustainable as possible.


After completing the course, you will be able to tell your clients and customers that you have a sustainable strategy and you ALREADY started implementing practical changes within your company. You will explain to your team in an easy and intelligible way the sustainable strategy and roadmap. AND you will be able to say: Yes, we are implementing REAL sustainable changes within our company. No greenwashing.


PACE will launch on Earth Day on April 22nd. From now you can get a one-time-only, early bird price here.


Meanwhile, be ready for the change, downloading this short video on the ‘5 Steps to a more Waste-Less and Sustainable Business or organization.’


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