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Say Bye to the negativity of you mind

ZWS INVITES YOU TO declutter a little bit of negativity out of your minds.


This Chinese New Year has been an unexpected one, an inconceivable proof of strength and relentless resilience for our dear China.


The Zero Waste Shanghai family is a well-mixed one, and we all stand close to our Chinese friends and families, wishing for these dark days to be over soon.


We are all trying to cope with the outbreak of the Coronavirus: shortages of masks, and free panic, including being locked indoor if you are in China or locked out if you are abroad for the holiday.

Design by @RockBundMuseum 设计:上海外滩美术馆


Although we understand that being "forced" to extend your holiday is definitely a more positive perspective rather than quarantine, we are all going through a great cocktail of frustration, worries, and anxiety, with a hint of anger, and a pinch of distrust.


This virus might be one of the largest epidemics of our modern times. Social media are amplifying every piece of news, especially the fake ones. Sensationalism and alarmism easily grip on human beings, we are passionate animals.


At Zero Waste Shanghai, we are no doctors or virology experts, and we absolutely do not intend to underestimate the situation nor exhort to be careless.

However, we believe that it has never been more important than today to go Zero Waste on your Emotional and Mental Energy.



Seriously? More Zero Waste?

Well, we are pretty sure that you are familiar with the LOADS of Wechat groups flooding with unrequested, and often fake, updates on airport restrictions, conspiracy theories, and the never-ending catch-ups with the numbers of infected, deaths, and so on. It's overwhelming even for the stiffest of us.

Shine website 上海日报


With the following tips, we just want to invite you to breathe. Yes, despite the mask and the panic attacks, we still need to breathe. And declutter a little bit of negativity out of your minds.


Carefully select your sources. Get your updates from official accounts, like SHINE (上海日报) or the 人民日报 if you can read Chinese.


Declutter the amount of time you are checking the news or Wechat groups, and social media in general. Limit yourself. No need for constant updates.


Invest your time in that hobby you never had the time to begin. Start an online class, or follow some tutorials, or prepare that damned HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) -the Chinese Proficiency Test-!


Keep up with old work or cleaning at home, tidy up, adjust, embellish, refurbish!


The city is deserted, a nice walk with the right precaution is important to keep you connected with the world.

Huaihai Road. Monday 3rd of February. 3.30 pm. Picture @mamafocamarina


Spend time with your family and friends, we often have very little time to dedicate to everyone.


Take good care of your body. Try some of our natural masks to cuddle your skin.


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How do you cope with the virus?

Did you discover anything interesting about sustainability or any great movie about the environment?


We want to hear from you!

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