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Surfing on the Greenwave

Let’s start with the sad fact: everyday approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution are thrown away, most of which end up in the landfills or our oceans; in the better scenario they are delivered to the recycling stations, however we all know that recycling is not the answer.


“ Everyday 8.000.000 pieces of plastic thrown away”


One way to effectively reduce our plastic waste (hopefully) to zero is to avoid buying bottled beverages and water. It might be easier to accomplish in countries with drinking water running out of the faucets, but what about China, for example? No matter if you’re about to prepare a cup of morning coffee or vegetable soup (for some foreign newcomers even the act of brushing the teeth can seem like drinking water alchemy), we always need to reach for the drinkable source.


When I moved to China, as well as many other waiguorens (foreigners), it took me a little while to arrange the water issue: to find the right shushu who can deliver me the 20-liters bottle of water; to get used to different water quality while showering (later I found out the dry skin and brittle hair are the new nightmares for many people); also above mentioned teeth brushing was a bit tricky from the beginning (after few times of forgetting to be this precautious, I just gave up).


But what had taken me even longer to get used to was the extremely giant amount of plastic bottles that seemed to be everywhere! – not only the “classic” half of litre ones, but the shops, school, work place, conference venues were filled with small 2dcl bottles which I soon found out to be really enviro – dangerous.


“Recycling isn’t the only solution”


There must be a solution for this pollution! Honestly speaking, it always takes quite some time for me to change the routine and if the only water issue I have to solve was “the dry skin and brittle hair”, I most probably would not take the action that fast, but! According to the current estimates, every year all over the world people consume around 500 billion plastic water and beverage bottles. Well, keeping in mind the Gandhi’s Be the change you want to see in the world, I started to look for the drinking water solution for myself.


“Worldwide 500.000.000.000 plastic bottles are consumed a year”


At the beginning, I had no idea what I should be looking for. Soon after diving (literally!) into this topic, I found out that very effective filtration technology is so-called reverse osmosis, which can take away all the measurable pollutants from the water. Having it installed at home to provide safe water for me seems like a good thing to do!

一开始,我并不知道应该找什么。搜索这个话题后不久,我发现非常有效的过滤技术,就是所谓的反渗透,它可以带走水中所有可测量的污染物。 安装家里好像可以为我提供安全的水!

I was really happy to hear about the environmentally conscious company GreenWave based in Shanghai and Beijing. First of all, their name says it all: we’ve all already chosen to surf through our lives on the green waves; why not to take to the next level?


“ Live Better ⇒ Filter Water”

“更好地生活 ⇒ 过滤水”

Another thing I was a bit afraid of is the size of the filtration. Subconsciously I had it associated with the boiler (providing hot water in my grannie’s house back home) that would occupy (almost literally) half of my kitchen here in Shanghai. Luckily, the drinking system is installed underneath the kitchen sink and all you can see it a new shiny separate faucet on the sink. Awesome!

我开始有点担心过滤器的大小。我脑海里总把它与我奶奶的家中提供热水的大水炉联系在一起,而我在上海厨房里,一半的空间也是这样的大机器。好在饮水系统安装在厨房水槽下方,而且可以在水槽上看到一个新的闪亮的独立水龙头。 太棒了!

Greenwave offers the water filtration technology that removes the heavy metals, bacteria and nearly 100% of all pollutants from the water, moreover it will bring a peace (and comfort!) to your eco-friendly heart. One tiny little faucet filter can make a great improvement in our lives. And it even smells and tastes better!


Some of the Greenwave water filters products.


We all are already aware that in order to live sustainable future, we have to take the action now; and one important area to be solved is the access to drinking water.

Live better, filter the water! :)




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