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The very first step that a corporation can do move toward sustainability

What are the easy first steps we can do as a corporation to start moving towards sustainability?


This is the question Zero Waste Shanghai get asked the most by companies.


Our answer?


Get your employees aligned on what sustainability means to the company and educate them on sustainability so that they share a common language and vision on this topic.


At Zero Waste Shanghai, our goal is to support companies, schools and government institutions to be part of that economy, and a first step starts by educating the people who are going to apply and implement it: your employees.


Source: Zero Waste Archives

We have designed a MASTER CLASS: PACE (Pivoting (to) A Circular Economy), to educate your employees and bring everyone to a similar level of awareness. This master class is a result of years of research, discussions with multiple experts and market leaders, accredited trainings and infinite curiosity.

以帮助每个参与者达到足够的认知为目的,我们精心设计了一套Master Class:PACE(Pivoting (to) A Circular Economy),转型至循环经济)。这套课程是多年调研,与专家及市场领袖讨论,专业培训,以及一颗好奇的辛勤结晶。

It is an intense, rich in knowledge, high level educational program supported by multiple case studies that are tailored to your industry.


What will they learn? Which outcomes can you expect?


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Through 7 main themes (i.e. Re-Design, Reduce, Recycle, Training, Purchasing) your team will have a 360 degree understanding of what it means to operate in a Circular Economy:

通过七个大主题的学习(包括 “重新设计”, “减少”, “回收”, “培训”, “采购”等),您的团队会对 “在循环经济里经营具体是怎么回事” 有一个360度全方位的理解

·Your team will have a clear understanding of what it means to be a circular company for all departments: from design to delivery.


· Enhance the motivation of becoming a circular organization by underlining financial advantages: why a circular enterprise is financially more profitable than a sustainable company.


· A comprehensive understanding of what it means to design a product in a circular economy.


· The financial benefits of owning raw materials and closing the loop.


· Have a better understanding of the commodities that are being wasted.


· Learn from case studies how to create a methodology to measure waste reduction throughout the facility.


· Come up with goals around this new sustainability model and think about strategies to achieve these marketing and communication goals that are in line with the company’s philosophy and culture.


Zero Waste Workshop in Shanghai.

Ideally, we’d recommend setting a full day aside to allow us, Zero Waste Shanghai, to bring your employees into our world and submerge them in sustainability for a more holistic approach.


We tailor the master class schedule after a short briefing meeting in order to adapt the content and timetable to every company.

如果您有意,我们会在首次会面后为您量身打造属于您的Master Clase日程和内容。

Do you want to start a new sustainable initiative in your company?

Email us here:



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