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Zer’0Waste Shanghai & Epermarket: Growing Green Training Project— 不断发展的绿色培训项目

Individual input towards zero waste is significant. However, businesses can do their part too. Shanghai is witnessing an increase in more established businesses turning towards a sustainable outlook; specifically motivated to become a zero waste business. This is exemplified by our recent collaboration with Epermarket.

作为个体,我们投入到零浪费中很重要。但是,企业也可以发挥自己的作用。上海见证了越来越多的金牌企业正逐步转向可持续发展,尤其是与零浪费相关的行动。我们最近与Epermarket 合作就是一个例子。

Who is Epermarket?

Epermarket是谁 ?

If you’re looking for fresh or imported groceries in Shanghai, Epermarket should spring to mind. They are an online supermarket offering over 5000 imported products,and fresh groceries from over 35 of their partner farms; all delivered at your convenience right to your door step! Their main objective is to provide high quality and safe products, for all their customers and their families.

在上海,如果你正在寻找新鲜进口商品,那么就可以想到Epermarket。他们是一家在线超市,提供超过5000种进口产品,拥有超过35个合作伙伴农场的新鲜商品; 并可送货到你家门口!他们的宗旨是为所有客户及其家人提供高质量和安全的产品。

Epermarket webpage

Epermarket are innovators in developing eco-friendly packaging for their products since 2017; and through our recent collaboration, they have managed to bring forward their zero waste targets. They have said goodbye to unnecessary plastics, designed better packaging and reduced food waste right across their business. Epermarket’s environmental efforts began a few years ago when they founded the EperGreen project, which is their recycling waste system, based on the notion of a circular economy. The success of the scheme demonstrates a real active effort to bridge waste awareness onto both employees and customers of Epermarket.

自2017年以来,Epermarket 一直致力于为其产品­开­­发环保包装; 通过我们最近的合作,他们成功地实现了零浪费目标。他们免去了不必要的塑料,设计了更好的包装,减少了整个企业的食物浪费。Epermarket的环保工作始于几年前,当时他们根据循环经济的概念创立了EperGreen 项目,这是他们的回收垃圾系统。该计划的成功表明了对垃圾回收意识增强的共同努力拉近了Epermarket与员工和客户的关系。

More recently, another significant zero waste effort includes their move to using 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging for 95% of fruits and vegetable products. This has helped push their green initiatives further through reducing cross-contamination of products, while minimizing negative environmental impacts.


Zero Waste Shanghai and Epermarket: Growing Green Training Project:

—— 不断发展的绿色培训项目:

In July 2019, Zer'0Waste Shanghai completed a training scheme with Epermarket named Growing Green. The training included 5 sessions around Epermarket’s sustainability value and contributions, including topics such as: educating employees about the need for sustainability and zero waste within the business, how they can become a zero waste facility, understanding the process and significance of reusing and recycling to then implementing these changes, as well as leadership training around how to talk about sustainability within the workplace.

2019年7月,Zer'0Waste Shanghai与Epermarket 完成了一项名为Growing Green 的培训计划。该培训包括5次关于Epermarket的可持续发展的价值和贡献的主题,如:教育员工关于可持续发展的需求和企业内的零浪费,他们如何能成为一个零浪费的组织,认识再利用和再循环的过程和意义然后实施这些变革,以及围绕如何谈论工作场所可持续性的领导力培训。

The five sessions proved to be a success for employees of Epermarket. Feedback on the training sessions found the majority of attendees reported the training was interesting, (90% of participants) as well as relevant to their jobs; especially in equipping them with the skills to create a zero waste facility (80% of participants). This success of the training was also demonstrated by verbal feedback too.

事实证明,五场培训下来对Epermarket的员工来说很有意义。培训课程的参与者反馈,培训很有意思(90%的参与者),而且与他们工作相关; 特别是教他们如何制作零浪费工具的技能(80%的参与者)。这种培训的成功也被口头反馈证实。

Responses such as:

“Training allows us to understand Zero Waste and Sustainability more in depth and apply it better on brand promotion” and “Through Zero Waste, Epermarket is not helping the company but also the world.”


“ 培训使我们能够更深入地了解零浪费和可持续发展,并将其更好地应用于品牌推广” 和“ 通过零浪费,Epermarket 不仅会帮助公司,也会帮助世界。”

Through this feedback we also discovered a common theme, the importance of communication within the business. The responses below identify this:

“For Zero waste to have a real impact, we need to continue to raise awareness and education at the office. Everyone at the company needs to be educated through a training like this, to have better communication and commitment to environmental protection.”

And “I think Zero Waste can help us reduce costs, but I think the communication between leaders and employees has to improve so that there's a clear message in between parties.”




This highlights the need for Epermarket (and businesses in general) to be able to establish a common ground of sustainable zero waste strategy, within all levels of the business hierarchy; communicating universal sustainable expectations, understanding and progression to be able to grow as a sustainable business.

这凸显了Epermarket (以及很多企业)能够在业务层级的各个层面建立可持续零浪费战略的共同基础; 对可持续发展的共同期待有更多交流,理解和进步,以便能够成为可持续发展的企业。

Open table group discussion within one of the workshops of the Training Programme. 在培训计划中进行的开放式小组讨论。

Therefore, achieving zero waste and sustainable functions within businesses are very much doable. Our training programmes, (such as with the example of Epermarket) facilitates how businesses can grow closer towards achieving zero waste; because it opens up a discussion around the topic. However, for significant progress and sustainable changes to be achieved and felt, universal communication across the whole business hierarchy is required; “I believe we can be more efficient with waste and costs if we find a way to better communicate in between the different departments.”

因此,在企业内实现零浪费和可持续的行动是非常可行的。我们的培训计划(例如Epermarket 的例子)促进了企业如何更接近实现零浪费; 因为它开启了围绕该主题的讨论。但是,要实现和感受到重大进展和可持续变革,就需要在整个业务层级中进行普遍讨论; “ 如果我们找到一种在不同部门之间更好地沟通的方法,我相信可以更有效地避免浪费和节约成本。”

Both managers and employees took part in the Training Programme 管理者和员工都参加了培训计划。

What do you think?

Do you think that businesses have a significant role to play to be more sustainable and waste aware? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

If you would like further information about what Zer'0Waste Shanghai can offer to your business, like the training programme, just get in touch with us. You can find multiple contact links and platforms on our website!





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