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Zero Waste Shanghai's Sustainability Book Club

So, we want to invite you to learn about sustainability with us.

It’s not our goal to tell people how to live their lives, but to align our values with actions, we can definitely start with ourselves!

Therefore, starting from September, Zero Waste Shanghai is going to organize a monthly Sustainability Book Club that wishes to bring conscious minds together, to create sparks of intelligence and new ideas, to bring positive impact in the Shanghai community.

Why you should join us?

1) Gain ability to explain what you believe in.

You tell your friend how living more sustainably is important to the planet, to the society, and to ourselves…

However, when your friends or family ask you to explain about what sustainability really is, why it matters so much, what would happen if we ignore it and just keep living the same suddenly realize that you lack the ability to explain what you believe in, and you can’t elaborate on the reasons to support your opinion?

2) Looking for like minded friends.

You’re passionate about sustainability, but have no one to share with, discuss with, or even debate with? You want to know what other people’s opinions about sustainability are, you want to be challenged and inspired.

3) Education has the power to change the world.

Simply put, you have a deep desire to learn about sustainability. We believe that for a lot of things, knowledge is power. True that it requires more than knowledge to drive real change, but learning more about what sustainability really is, and the great potential to initiate that change.

About the Sustainability Book Club:

1. We all have different opinions about certain matters, but everyone's opinion will be respected. Whether you're passionate, curious, doubtful, or even against sustainability, you're welcome to join our book club meetups.

2. To ensure efficiency, the first two books will be decided by the organizer - Zero Waste Shanghai. After we finish the two books together, the next book to read can be suggested by any member and we will cast a vote.

3. We will decide the next book to read around one month before the meetup so that members will have time to purchase and read the book. Please note that book club members are responsible for buying the books themselves.

4. The book club will take place in a lovely cafe downtown. The organizer will reserve a space according to the number of participants. The venue will be free, but participants are expected to order a coffee or something at the cafe.

5. The meetup will be held every 4th Saturday of the month from 9:30 am-12:00 pm.

6. Members of the book club decides whether to come to each meetup, but each meeting is limited to 12 people maximum to ensure the quality of discussion. If there are more than 12 people that sign up for a meetup, they will be divided into groups.

Zero Waste Shanghai’s First Sustainability Book Club Meetup


Date: September 26th, Saturday

Time: 9:30 am - 12:00pm

Location: Shanghailander, No.92 Wuyuan Rd.

To join the Sustainability Book Club, please contact us via WeChat, we will add you into the book club group for upcoming details.

To join or ask for more info about the book club, scan this QR code:

Sustainability Book Club Education Shanghai free events


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