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Life Pillars Workshop [Online]

Life Pillars Workshop [Online]


Hey there! :)


If you feel like joining me and others in the Life Pillar Exercise, then join us online on May 22nd, or get the recording afterwards :)


What are Life Pillars?


In this little booklet, you will find an exercise I did to identify my “life pillars”.


The idea is that you take some time to answer the questions below. You can enter as short as bullet points or a couple of lines if you like.


Try to answer as honestly and true to yourself as possible, not what you think you should write, but what REALLY feels like you.




Join me on May 22nd 2024 - from 7 - 9 pm (CET)!


What to expect?

  • 2-hour workshop where I will guide you through the exercise, listen to your questions and fine-tune your life pillars. 


The participation fee is 35 euros. (if you can't join, you will have access to the recording afterwards)




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