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Urban Composting 101

Urban Composting 101


Did you know that you can cut down your waste by almost 40% just by composting your food waste?


Learn how to compost in the city! No need for garden or a lot of place really...


In this workbook I bring you my BESTSELLING workshop in pdf format:

1/ An easy step-by-step guide on how to build your own urban compost bin. 

2/ My suggestions to on where to get the materials (sustainable, sturdy, size: (size: 42x30x23 cm))

3/ My FAQ answered


If you want to increase your POSITIVE footprint or you're looking to engage your kids into the process, then this is for you! 


This workbook has been created to support you and your family to compost easily.


  • Language

    This file is available in English only.

    If you require this file in Chinese or any other language, please let us know via 

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