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是时候断舍离啦!Time to declutter!

I love and I hate to do this...


I love when I get to rid of things I don't need and make my home lighter, cleaner and more efficient.

I hate to see the waste I accumulated and to see what eventually will end up in landfill, the ocean, ...




So when I cleaned out my kitchen, it took me an entire day.

Some rules when you declutter:

1. Attack one cupboard, drawer, furniture piece at the time.

2. Get organised by categorising. Gather three boxes: Keep, toss, giveaway.

3. Ask yourself when was the last time you used it. And give yourself a timeline: 1 year? 6 months? Every time the item goes over the time period: TOSS.

4. Do not listen to that little voice: "What if one day...." or " In case..." - NO. Toss.

5. You have three strainers... do you ever use them all three at the same time?

Yes? - How do you do it? I will need a picture.

No? - Toss the extras

6. If you need to buy something new, please please please, try to avoid plastic. Invest in some sustainable pieces and support maybe local artisans.

7. Make sure that the "Give Away" box actually end up in a trusted place that will make good use of the second hand items.


1. 每次集中精力对付一块小区域——橱柜,抽屉,家具

2. 用三种箱子来给物品归类:保留,扔掉,转送/捐赠/售卖

3. 面对一件物品犹豫不决时,问自己上一次使用是什么时候:一年前?半年前?按自己的情况做个时间表,一旦一件物品超过了这个期限,就清理掉吧!

4. 不要听信脑子里嗡嗡作响的那些声音:“假设我哪天需要了呢?万一. . .”不不不,果断些,扔!

5. 假设你有三口铁锅,问自己:“我会同时使用这三个锅吗?”



6. 如果你需要买新的东西,尽量不要买塑料制品,尽量不要买塑料制品,尽量不要买塑料制品。重要的事情说三遍。尝试选用更加生态友好、可持续的材质。如果可能的话,支持本地工匠。

7. 确保“转送/捐赠/售卖”的渠道是真实可靠的、可以真正让你的旧物再次发挥作用的。


Happy declutter!

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