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My Story

My friend Mandy once questioned in an interview what it means to introduce ourselves. Like where do you start? Do you mention what you do? Or do you mention what makes you feel alive? How do you spend your time or what you're called by those around you?

And why should it be short? Why can't we have long conversations about it?

What can I tell you?

These days I introduce myself as a photographer, and writer. My twenties have been ruled by my passion for the environment, and more precisely, the Circular Economy. I started a company in China in sustainability training and consulting and made the switch to a more creative approach in 2021.


My big passions besides photography are the outdoors, psychology, mythology, jewellery and fashion. 

The word     Adventure    is truly my guiding light in this lifetime.

I suppose that I seek the emotions of surprise, excitement, mystery, joy, and anticipation. My favorite things to do are driving in a car on the road to somewhere new, somewhere known, being outside with fabulous people, and sharing stories of life.

I believe that sharing each other stories, helps us to make sense of it all and get back to our essence and ourselves.

To be more at peace with who we are and what we're here to enjoy and achieve.


I have expressed some of these stories through different art projects:

In the last year, I have photographed families, couples, weddings, self-love sessions, maternity, f&B venues, entrepreneurs, designers, and more. To have a look at my work, head over here.  





My background is from humble beginnings in Belgium, raised with the idea that outdoor and organic food is part of our everyday lives.

When arriving in China and working in the corporate world, I decided to align my actions with my values by changing my lifestyle and not generating any waste in a landfill in one year.


This has led to the gathering of like-minded people around the values of a more conscious lifestyle, which resulted in me leading the Zero Waste Community in Shanghai and China for over 6 years through my startup.


Besides leading the community, my team and I went to schools and government-owned establishments around China to raise awareness of waste and the impact it has on our planet and our health.


On top of that, I was able to increase my impact through my work with companies in multiple sectors (e.g. luxury, fashion, interior & furniture design, tech), such as Huawei, H&M, Nike, and many more. 




My entrepreneurial journey started with a sequence of synchronicities.

I was conducting a lot of research on the Circular Economy at the time and decided to align my actions with values in my personal life: I gave myself one year to become zero waste.

Somehow more people got word about this lifestyle shift and one thing led to another, and soon I was speaking in companies, and schools about sustainability, the circular economy, and our future as businesses and individuals. 

Starting a business in China has been quite challenging, and if it wasn't for the Chinese friends and way of doing business, I wouldn't have made it this far. 

I owe China my self-confidence, my personal growth, my way of doing business, and life long friends. 




Taurus Sun 

Cancer Rising

Scorpio Moon


9 The Peacemaker

7 The Enthusiast

4 The Individualist


1/ Relator

2/ Futuristic

3/ Activator

4/ Harmony

5/ Self Assurance

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