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Drop-off locations for donations in Shanghai (ENG & 中文)

(this article was inspired by the original article by SHUrban Family)

As most of you know, we have a (very active and incredibly interesting) Wechat group where people ask questions on how to reduce waste, advice on certain natural products and more.

A lot of times we're being asked where to donate or drop off certain things that are either broken, or old or simply unnecessary in our homes... When the "let me give it to my ayi (= housekeeper) " doesn't do it anymore, ... what should we do with all this stuff ...?

Here are some ideas and locations of what and where to drop off your unwanted things:

Clothes, books, furniture, ...

A pleines mains:

Founded and run by French expats, À Pleines Mains is all about providing help to the underprivileged, orphans and the handicapped. They’ll take clothes, books, furniture and other a wide range of items, which are then sold at a showroom.

Puxi locations: 1) Mon.–Fri., 8am–5.30pm and Sat. 9am–3pm, Gao Jing Garden, 491 Gaoguang Lu; 2) Mon.–Fri., 8am–5.30pm and Sat., 9am–3pm. Or, Mon.–Thu. 10am–12.30pm, 115 Hongzhong Lu, lane 2, by Wanyuan Lu.

(182 1775 0124,

Pudong location: Mon., 2.30–6pm, House 130, Tomson Riviera, 2255 Luoshan Lu.

(contact beforehand 186 1634 6920 or

River of Hearts

This group provides underprivileged families around China with essential items like clothing, shoes, bedding and toys and creates opportunities for those who live in Shanghai to help others who are less fortunate. There are three locations in Shanghai for you to drop off your donations, one in Puxi and two in Pudong.

Puxi location: Open daily, 9am–9pm, Property Management Office (Basement 2), 890 Changning Lu, by Huichuan Lu

(139 1608 8007, 5241 8866 ext. 303)

Pudong location: 1) Open daily, 8am–8pm. WeHome, 67 Jintai Lu, by Zaozhuang Lu (138 1754 3097); 2) 418 Jinxiu Dong Lu, by Baihua Lu ( appointment required, please call Zita at 152 0170 9976 or email

Clothes and textile only :

REFORM Project:

RE:FORM was soft-launched by Green Initiatives in December 2016 to change the way consumers engage in fashion by:

  1. Raising awareness of the environmental and social impact of clothing consumption and encouraging 'conscious consumerism.’

  2. Providing communities and the industry with a reliable system to reuse and recycle discarded clothing.

  3. Ensuring collected items are used to their maximum potential, and are appropriately recycled.

We accept the following items:

  • All kinds of clothing, garments, towels, etc

  • Bedding & curtains

  • Footwear & socks

Locations: Click on the link to see their interactive map >

Electronic Waste:

The WE project:

Launched in May 2016 by Green Initiatives, the [WE] Project aims to provide the local community in Shanghai with a transparent, systematic and environmentally-friendly way to dispose off unwanted and broken electronic products. This process reduces the number of items that are buried in landfills or incinerated, with the additional benefit of preventing toxins that damage our health from being released into the air, water, and soil.

Common items that can be recycled through the [WE] box
  1. Small household appliances: Vacuum cleaner, iron, toaster, coffee machine, clock, hair dryer, electric toothbrush, etc.

  2. IT and telecommunications equipment: Laptop, tablet, personal computer and related equipment, calculator, telephone, mobile phone, etc.

  3. Media and storage devices: CD, DVD, blue-ray disc, and USB.

  4. Consumer electronics: Camera, musical instrument, audio device, video camera, video recorder, television screen, radio and audio system.

  5. Electrical and electronic tools: Drill, sewing machine, riveting or screwing tool, welding tool, gardening tool, etc.

  6. Toys, leisure and sports equipment: Handheld video game console, video game, electric train or car, etc.

  7. Monitoring and control instruments: Smoke detector, heating regulator, thermostat, measuring and weighing appliance.

Locations: See the interactive map on this link >

Baby & Kids Stuff

Mom to Mom:

Founded in 2008 by two moms, this non-profit group now sells thousands of kuai’s worth of used children’s items. They have six sales per year, and the next one is coming up in late April and registration opens on April 11. (It’s also a great place to shop for kids, although if you’re spring cleaning, it might not be the best idea.) Fifteen percent of proceeds are donated to the Heart to Heart, a community outreach organization that provides support for children undergoing heart surgery. They only accept 50 vendors for each sale, and the registration fee is RMB200. Check out their website for specific information regarding the items they accept, how to submit your items, and more.

Mifan Mama

This NGO provides basic services (food, healthcare, education) to orphanages across six provinces. You can help them by donating clothing (for babies, children or adults), toys and games for all ages, books (Chinese or English), diapers and baby wipes and furniture.

Call Julie Garratt regarding donations at 139 1871 9179 or email to


Heart to Heart Shanghai

You could also go directly to the aforementioned charity, Heart to Heart, to donate your unwanted items. They welcome new and used clothing for adult and children, as well as books, blankets and toys. Protein-rich baby formula, baby lotions and grooming products are also extremely important as this charity works primarily with underprivileged families. All donations are handled by email:

Shanghai Yodak Cardio-thoracic Hospital, 218 Longcao Lu, by Kaixuan Nan Lu

Panda Boxes

The government has installed 800 panda boxes around the city for people to drop off unwanted clothes. Donated items are then disinfected and distributed to those in need.

There is no map with all their locations, or way to trace them, but we know of one in the lobby of the Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences.

Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, 320 Yueyang Lu, by Zhaojiabang Lu

Know more charities or organisations? Let us know here!



À Pleines Mains



时间:周一~周五,上午8点—下午5点30分;周六上午 9点—下午3点

地址:髙泾花园, 高光路491号,近高泾路.


地点:虹中路2弄115号, 近万源路

(182 1775 0124,



地址:汤城一品House 130, 罗山路2255弄,近花木路.

(需提前联系咨询:186 1634 6920,

River of Hearts




地址:长宁路90号地下2层, 近汇川路

(139 1608 8007, 5241 8866 ext. 303)



地址:金台路67号, 近枣庄路

(138 1754 3097)


(捐赠时间需预约,联系人Zita: 152 0170 9976,


旧衣新生 - REFORM



  1. 唤起人们对于衣物消费的环境和社会影响的意识,鼓励“意识消费”

  2. 提供一个可信赖的旧衣再利用、再循环系统。

  3. 确保所有收集的衣物都能最大化发挥潜在价值、正确地被回收。


  • 所有的衣物,服装,毛巾等等

  • 床上用品和窗帘

  • 鞋类和袜子









婴儿和儿童用品 (babies)

Mom to Mom Sale

这个非盈利机构是由两位妈妈在2008年组织成立的,现在已经发展到义卖上千元儿童用品的规模。他们每年有六场义卖会,最近的一场将在4月底,参加者可在当月11号开始报名(这也是为孩子们购物的好机会!但话说回来,毕竟你也是要进行大清理的人,再去购物显然不太明智)。义卖所得的15%将捐赠给Heart to Heart慈善机构,用以帮助需要进行心脏手术的儿童。每场义卖摊位最多50个名额,报名费用为200元。详情可以登录他们的官网(下方)进行深入了解。

Mifan Mama


联系人Julie Garratt:

电话: 139 1871 9179



Heart to Heart Shanghai

或者,你可以直接把你的物品捐赠到上文提到的Heart to Heart慈善机构。他们接受成人及儿童的新旧衣物、书籍、毯子及玩具等。富含蛋白质的婴幼儿配方,婴幼儿乳液及清洁用品对于他们救助的贫困家庭来说,更为重要。如需咨询和申请,请邮件至。

上海远大心胸医院, 龙漕路218号, 近凯旋南路




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