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Meet Itza, Founder of Momoco Beachwear


There's a new swimwear brand in town & it's super ecological & sustainable!

​Momoco Bikini is a swimwear brand that was founded by Belgian Itza in 2014 during her Business studies in Beijing. Upon her return to Belgium, Momoco has been growing to a brand in 4 stores in Belgium, Taipei & Mexico. After recently moving back to Shanghai she realised that also in Shanghai many women find it really difficult to find swimwear that is environmentally friendly, at an affordable price. So she decided to bring Momoco back to it's roots.

Firmly believing in the concept of 'cradle to cradle' design the brand is completely low waste, from production to delivery & is actually made from plastic waste (PET). Momoco believes in a positive an impact on both body image as the environment.

That's why the 2 pilars are : LOVE YOURSELF & LOVE YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

Momoco is a slowfashion brand, believing in organic products achieving organic growth. That's why they offer 1 print at a time. This season we have a graphical black & white print contrasted with luscious leaves.

Prices vary from 490-885 RMB per set. Including a Momoco Pouch, free next day shipping & returns. Sizes go from EU 34-44 or cup-size A-E (!).


Especially for the readers of "ZerowasteShanghai" we offer an extra 10% discount on the first 10 orders via Wechat. Scan QR code to purchase directly or add @itzagramm.


Browse the brand:

Instagram: @momoco.bikini FB: Momoco Bikini

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