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Zer'0Waste September News

Helloooww Helloowww!

We hope you guys had a great summer! We're definitely happy to be back after a long break and share with you what to expect in the upcoming months.

First things first: The workshops!

We are bringing the workshops back! Starting with two of our favourites:

1. The ladies talk on September 26th in Tianzifang

2. The Compost Bin:

The good ol' compost bin workshop that will have you adopt worms as new pets to turn your food waste into healthy soil.


1. Find us at 'Tour de Fithearts' September 15th @ WeWork Weihai Lu

We will have a booth at the afterparty with some products, tutorials and cool tips on how to live Zero Waste! So definitly come by and say hi!

2. Zer'0Waste Shanghai is bringing the WA Collective cups to Shanghai!

We are making another batch purchase for the menstrual cups!

That's right! We need 35 cups to be able to get an exclusive price of 200 RMB for the menstrual cup!

Why the WA Collective? Because they are fighting menstrual poverty in their communities and we think that's pretty awesome! We attached their previous article in the feed, so go check it out to know more!

3. We are FINALLY working on a Zero Waste Space ....

More info will follow soon...

4. Monthly Meetups

Do you want to be more involved with Zer'0Waste?

Would you like to know what we're up to?

Are you thinking of working on some project together?

Or do you just want to talk with like-minded people on these topics?

Join our monthly meet-ups!

What to expect?

- A brief intro on who we are

- Update on current and upcoming projects

- Time to hang out with drinks and cool people


The 2nd Wednesday of the month

October 10th

November 14th

December 12th


TBD soon!

5. Green Corporate Team Building Events

Looking for a fun way to have your employees interact with each other and be more aware of the environmental impact and change we can bring to our lives?

We are hosting great corporate workshops and trainings in September and October in completely different industries! So why not you?

We still have some spots available for the upcoming months

If you think your employees could benefit from:

- Growing environmental awareness

- Gather around common values at the office

- Be more curious to how they can improve their lifestyle

in and outside the office




If you think your corporation could benefit from:

- Saving silly costs

- Improving your ecological standing

- Have a positive impact on your employees & work environment

...Then by all means, send us an email at:

You will find more details on our website

Under 'Work & Services'

That's all for now!

We'll keep you updated with additional info when we have them!

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