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Mu Lan Warehouse in Shanghai

Alright, so I've heard about this place for a while now. A couple friends of mine had been and said it was a really nice getaway if you're into antiques, brocantes, curioza and all of those things ... which I am.

So when I had some time in empty Shanghai and I was looking for some cool Chinese pieces for in my home I'd figure I'd drag a friend with me.

You'll find a very funny article written by here below: BE CAREFUL ! ADDRESS HAS CHANGED! 浦东区航头路140号。杭头东路16号线附近 Hangtou Road 140. Nearby East Hangtou Road Metro station. Here is the guy's number in case: 137 0163 3804 (Sun Miao Hong, General Manager).

So once you get at number 140 it will look like an office park. Go inside the gate and turn right after the Bao'an's office and head towards the door you see in the following picture.

Voilà ! This is the entrance!


A couple of guidelines for you guys


It may look tiny but it's not... really not. You're looking at a large two stories warehouse with multiple rooms and another unit in the same compound. You will find almost everything going from ceramics, vases, wood work, propaganda accessories, chairs, tables, ....


I mean that's how we know China right? Most websites will tell you to start at 50% of the price, but I found that even at 50% it was very hard to bargain. And then again ... the prices are not that high to be honest: Shanghai 30s newly upholstered sofa goes from 600-800 yuan per piece. Chinese Bench goes for 150 yuan Ceramics go for 30-150 yuan (non bargain prices)

It's actually just a nice getaway for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Maybe you want to hit the road after brunch and while it takes an hour from downtown to get there, it's just nice to walk around and discover 'new' Old Chinese Objects :-)

Maybe next time family or friends are visiting? The ultimate Shanghai souvenir shop!

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