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Where to find sustainable toys in Shanghai?

While it might seem hard in China to find something eco-sustainable, we want to reassure you that there are some options available also here.

Due to the foreigner brands determinant, the most comprehensive range of choices is unmistakably offered by Amazon, but the most renowned names are available on Taobao too.

We've been concerned about the fact that exported products are not totally zero waste for their shipping footprint, but some of the brands we listed provide a local production in China.

HAPE earns right away the first pace for sustainability. The German company, famous for its wooden and bamboo toys made to last for generations, is particularly attentive also during the production and in the packaging. Despite having a factory in Ningbo, they don't have an actual store in China, but you can find their official store on Tmall.

Furthermore, they have involved in numerous charity projects about children education in China.

from Hape website

WISHBONE BIKE is one of the most iconic design toy in circulation. Pay attention if purchasing on Taobao because there are many fakes and similar brands, but you can tell the difference just by looking at the price!

PLAN TOYS is focused on safety wooden toys striving for a sustainable manufacturing and avoiding harmful chemical colors or material.

TEGU is specialized in wooden magnetic bricks, but their main pride is to having created a sustainable business not just for the environment, but also for the people. Based in Honduras, they created long-term jobs and careers developing the Central American countries through cooperative.


HOMEMADE: not for everyone, that is for we agree. But homemade gifts are often the most appreciated. Our houses are full to material we can reuse to create something brilliant! Although the age of the kid play a key role in what s/he might like, it worths to try.


PURCHASE SECOND-HAND: swap and buy/sell groups are one of the rare positive things of Wechat groups. Children grow fast and year by year they need different toys to adapt their evolution and interests. That is why there is nothing bad in exchanging a toy that most probably has been used few months by the kid. This is one of the most effective ways to keep a Zero Waste lifestyle.

STORE: A multi-brands store that sells brands among the above-mentioned is Motherswork, a Singaporean chain with branches in Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai. You can find it at the Kerry Centre in Jing'An (N4-02, North Area, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Changde Lu).

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