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Where to go for Zero Waste Grocery Shopping?

When it comes to doing groceries without waste, it's a struggle. It's one thing to buy without waste, but being in China we know that food safety is also an issue. When I do groceries I arm myself with closable cloth bags, two or three cotton tote bags, one or two jars and my backpack.

Just a heads up:

- You will get strange looks from people, but keep a smile and tell them it's for health reasons 😼

- Don't give up, keep repeating and pushing for what you want.

Here's where I find what:

Veggies and fruits

There are countless little shops where you can buy good veggies and fruits in the street. I found two small shops in my neighborhood where the veggies and eggs come from a farm outside of Shanghai. I keep an egg carton that I reuse. When I don't have time to go out and buy everything, I order from a farm (BIOFarm, in Shanghai. They deliver the products in carton boxes without any wrapping (except for the strawberries), and you can give it back to the driver.

I usually try to buy the older, single banana's or other fruits, since they will most likely get thrown away.


It is easily available in bulk at big supermarkets or other chinese shops. Or on Taobao we get basmati rice in a cotton bag that is reusable after (5kg for 94 RMB).


I don't cook meat anymore at home but I found that my friends who do, would get lamb meat from the muslim restaurant up the street or any muslim restaurant for that matter. They give to you on sticks "dabao" and you can ask to put it in a container or jar. Still, meat packaging is still one of the areas where we have waste. Also, a couple of places have now these European butcher shops.


I am currently making a living wall where I grow our own herbs.

Currently growing: rosemary, mint and basil.


I don't eat snacks anymore, because of health and waste reasons. However, I still love to nibble things during the day, so I swapped chocolate and sugar sweets for almonds, dry fruit, and my favourite: yoghurt coated pretzels! All availble in bulk.


So here's my 💚 places to shop for groceries:

🍳 Wet market:

1. Middel Fuxing Market: 1239 Middle Fuxing Lu. Open hours: daily, 7am-7ish pm. Price range: ¥

2. Meitian Market: 237 Changning Zhi Lu (near Jiangsu Lu). Open hours: daily, 7am-7ish pm. Price range: ¥

🍞 Bakeries:

Pain Chaud: 41-43 Yongkang Lu. Open hours: daily, 8am-10pm. Price range: ¥¥

🏠 Home and personal care:

I make them myself, but I like the fact that Eco and More ( has refill options. Price range: ¥¥

👗 Clothing:

Fabric market: 168 Dongmen Lu. Price range: ¥¥-¥¥¥

🌱 Question of the day: Where is your favorite place for groceries in the city?

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