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Coffee ...

Even though we live in the country of tea, we can't help noticing the number of Starbucks and Costa Coffee stores around the city...

And don't get me started on the amounts of cool and hip coffee places around town that are popping up!

Even though we can't find coffee in bulk here, there's a couple of ways to get your coffee sustainably:

1. Ask your local barista if his coffee is sourced sustainably (e.g. Fair Trade)

2. Bring your own cup !

(you should get at least a 2 RMB discount for bringing your own)

3. If you need some milk, try going for the vegan kind

(The milk industry is not only harmful for the planet and your health, but also horrible to animals who provide it)

But if you where to sip your coffee from home... How could you do this more efficiently?

The Note Passer tells us how:

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