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That One Trick That is a Total Game Changer

You know when sometimes you're so stuck in a series of habits and lifestyle, that you don't really know where to start to change and move towards that version of yourself that you aim for?

The thing is, you need to start with baby steps. Whether that is prepping that one healthy meal every week, getting out to work out that one time, and then that one trick that you finally decide to adapt or implement: Whooosh! Boom! Game Changer!

That's what we are trying to do with this website, this company, this community. We get it. Change does not happen overnight. But what if we can make a sustainable lifestyle that is aligned with your values more accessible, easy and fun? Just with a couple of tricks!

If you want to know more, you can scroll through this blog, find us on wechat OR.... join us for the next #Iamzerowaste workshop.

See this as your go-to guide for sustainable, waste-less lifestyle in China. We give you some of the products to start with, a bunch of ideas and tricks and answers to all your questions.

End of April you will find us on the rooftop at WeWork Taixing Lu!

Scan the QR code with wechat to sign up!

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