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How to Compost at Home Workshop is NOW on-line

Reducing food waste is one of the top 3 solutions to fighting climate change.


Let’s start composting!


For years we’ve been running offline workshops in China to teach people how to make their own urban compost bin that would:


  • Help you reduce your waste by 30% every day!

  • Be smell free

  • Create healthy soil for your plants or neighboring farms

  • Educate your family or friends to the cycle of food and nature

  • Make you part of the solution!

  • 帮助你每天减少30%的浪费!

  • 无异味

  • 为你养的植物或附近的农场创造健康的土壤

  • 帮助你的家人和朋友了解食物和自然的循环

  • 使你成为解决方案团队的一位成员!

Get your ONLINE Urban Compost Bin Workshop!

Here's a preview of the DIY Online Compost Bin Workshop

Today we want to have more impact! Which is why we are putting our workshop online. Find our Compost Bin Workshop where I teach you:

今天,我们希望产生更大的影响! 这就是为什么我们将手工课程放到网上。


1. The materials you will need

2. The step by step process to making the bin

3. How to care for it: what to put and not to put inside

4. What to do once the compost is ready

5. And all the most asked questions we’ve had in the last 5 years

1. 需要的材料

2. 逐步制作垃圾桶的过程

3. 如何保养:放入什么而不放入里面

4. 堆肥准备好后该怎么办

5. 以及过去五年来我们提出的所有最常见问题

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Why composting is so important

In a recent live event, author, scientist and environmental activist Paul Hawken sat down with ultra-athlete Rich Roll to discuss his latest book and organization Drawdown and his view for our future.

在最近的一次现场活动中,作家、科学家和环境活动家保罗·霍肯(Paul Hawken)与超级运动员里奇·罗尔(Rich Roll)坐下来讨论了他的最新著作《Drawdown》及对应公司、以及他对未来的看法。

Founded in 2014, Project Drawdown is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help the world reach “Drawdown”— the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline. 成立于2014年的Project Drawdown是一家非营利性组织,致力于帮助全世界实现大气中温室气体的“缩减 ”。

In there they discuss something that we at Zero Waste truly believe and vouched since our early beginnings:


Reducing food waste is one of the top 3 solutions to fighting climate change.


Today we are in the middle of the climate crisis, we are pushed to find solutions to reverse climate change faster, and we will. However, we can’t wait for larger organizations and institutions to get started. Change starts with us, with you, at home, every day, one habit at the time.


Food is value. Yes, even food waste is valuable. In nature food turns back into the soil with the help of worms and their tiny friends (bacteria). In our urban lives, we tend to throw food into the bin with everything else, however, over 75% of our waste either ends up in incineration (creating air pollution) or landfill, where it emits methane in the air. Methane releases 28 times more powerful than C02 as a GHG. 食物就是价值。 没错,即使是食物残渣也很有价值。 在自然界中,食物在蠕虫及其细菌这个微小伙伴的帮助下变成了土壤。 在我们的城市生活中,我们习惯于将食物与其他所有食物一起扔进垃圾箱,但是,我们超过75%的垃圾最终被焚化(造成空气污染)或进行掩埋,在其中向大气中排放甲烷。 作为温室气体,甲烷释放的能量是二氧化碳的28倍。

How to get the materials to make your own compost bin:

If you live in China, and you’d like the full kit from us you can find it here on Weidian:


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Urban Compost Bin online Worksop!


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