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The Masterclass series: From Linear to Circular.

Carbon Neutrality? Circular Economy? Sustainable Materials?

When it comes to sustainability, where do we start?

To better answer the needs of the future and give a holistic approach to employees on sustainability, Zero Waste Shanghai has created a new learning program designed for middle management employees, CSR managers, and CEOs that want to make a positive impact and go deeper into the Circular Economy approach.

Zero Waste Shanghai presents The MasterClass Series: From Linear to Circular. The program can be taught in one day or multiple days; inside the company headquarters or outside. The MasterClass Series is currently only available in English.

"We want to create the best learning experience possible by being flexible to any kind of company".
Zero Waste Shanghai.

The Masterclass Series: From Linear to Circular is a condensed training that takes the participants through the different practices and concepts of sustainability: Redesign-Reduce-Repurpose-Recycle-Responsible Purchasing – Leadership and Carbon Literary.

The 3 Masterclasses contain multiple relevant case studies tailored to your industry.

Let's explore the content of each MasterClass!!

MasterClass 1

Understanding the world of waste in China and the regulations related to them: Why are we sorting waste? Why do we need to reduce it? Why do landfills generate Greenhouse Gases? Can plastic really be recycled? What is Carbon Neutrality?


-In-depth understanding of the waste problem and solution in China.

-Knowledge of China's ecosystem and the direction of sustainability for the country.

-Understand and be able to explain the most important concepts in sustainability.

-Understand and be able to explain why recycling is not the solution.

Masterclass 2

Which companies can call themselves sustainable? We will cover multiple inspiring and practical examples on the ways to approach sustainability in different companies.

Outcomes: -The ability to identify whether a company is truly sustainable or not.

-Observe new ways for corporations and organizations to become sustainable.

-The ability to identify a potential sustainable purpose for a company.

-Communicate in a more efficient way on sustainable practices and solutions.

Masterclass 3

The roadmap to circularity: from design to delivery, and back into the supply chain.

Let's analyze some successful examples of companies who have applied circular principles into their organizations: what are the advantages and disadvantages today?


-Understanding and explaining the principles of the circular economy.

-The ability to think about post-consumer life.

-Understanding of the financial benefits (& drawbacks) of owning raw materials and closing the loop.

Zero Waste Shanghai accredits companies with the Certification of Completion that will accredit those who have passed the 3 Masterclasses given by one of the consultants at Zero Waste Shanghai.

The founder of Zero Waste Shanghai, Alizée Ccm will facilitate the Masterclasses until June.

If you are interested in this service, please contact:

Let's change the system together!!


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