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“Trash heroes” the perfect game your employees will want to play

The new Shanghai waste sorting law may have sent the city into a frenzy, but Feiy & Zer’0Waste Shanghai teamed up to create the most engaging board game that will provide companies with both a proper training on the new recycling law and a fun team activity to learn about the impact of waste and how you can take action!

上海的垃圾分类新规也许 “逼疯”了整个上海,飞迎携手五R零(上海)合作创建了最具吸引力的棋盘游戏。这款游戏既能为企业带来针对垃圾分类新规有目的性的培训,又是一项关于学习垃圾回收的影响和如何采取行动的有趣味性的团队活动!

Since the legislation’s introduction on July 1st, 190 fines were issued within only 5 days with 15 going to individuals and the rest to companies and institutions. Whilst human health and eco-systems pay the price for our global waste crisis, here at Feiy and Zer’0Waste Shanghai we have created the game that gives clarity on trash-sorting and more.


In the style of a giant board game, employees are split into teams and tasked with a series of challenging and practical questions. Working cooperatively, participants are encouraged to question what they know and use reasoning thinking in order to become Trash Heroes!


The Executive Center playing Trash Heroes Game.

Beyond providing employees with decisive knowledge in a fun and meaningful way, this is also an opportunity to promote behavioural change in the company, turn corporate regulations into corporate culture and ultimately motivate participants to better engage in the sustainable practices needed for companies to thrive in a (very very very) near future.


How To Play?

You need from 4 up to 21 participants to play the game.

How long does it take?

On average, the game alone lasts for 1h30m.

Since participants get very curious and start asking follow up questions, we recommend the 3 hours complete training to get a full understanding with additional insight and open discussion on waste management and environment protection.

Sounds fun!

What are you waiting for?

To involve your company in this exciting journey,

contact us to book a training now!








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