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Why you should join our next edition of #IamZeroWaste Workshop?

Climate change has accelerated the need to find measures to reduce and manage the waste we create. Reduction and reuse of waste will help reduce pressure on the planet's natural resources while potentially reducing emission of greenhouse gases created through mass production and burning of fossil fuels.

At Zer’0 Waste Shanghai we believe in the power of community. We can and must be part of the solutions to reduce waste in our world. We all have the power to change and make impact: How we live, act, speak has ripple effects on our environment.

China’s Chang Jiang (Yantze) River, which flows past Shanghai, delivers nearly 1.5 million tons of plastic waste into the Yellow Sea.

Two engaging learning days

to change your mind in a positive way.

The #IamZeroWaste Workshop consists of two learning days; you can sign up for one or two days:

Day 1: learning about:

-Zer’0Waste principles, our environmental context, how to be a Zero Waste Hero in Shanghai and tips about where to buy.

-How to live without plastics in your day to day life and reduce waste.

-Make simple recipes that will help you save money and be more sustainable.

-You will get a sustainable Kit containing useful products for a more sustainable way of living.

Attendants looking into the "Sustainable Kit" that contains 8 sustainable items.

Day 2: learning how to compost in the city:

-you will be able to build your own compost and get it to your home to start happily composting in a easy and effective way.

Compost Bin workshop attendants preparing their own compost bin. Ready to take them to their homes

Upcoming dates soon or just request us a special date.

We are able to organize a tailored zero waste workshop for fun and learn for your friends or employees, in our amazing venue or in your company.

Address: 103A, 457 Jumen Road, Phase IV, Bridge 8, Huangpu District

(上海市黄浦区局门路457,8号桥四期 103A)

About the Venue

theDesk Shanghai, originally from Hong Kong, is a coworking and events space at Bridge 8. The new venue emerges as a fresh addition to the already exciting hive of businesses within one of China’s renowned creative industrial parks, the Bridge 8.

With three floors of shared workspaces, theDesk brings its signature clean interiors to the 22,000 square feet space, stirring productive collisions among the rich resource of entrepreneurs and global personalities around the area. Its event space accommodates up to 120 people, providing a central venue for larger networking engagements for all members and neighboring communities.​

103A, 457 Jumen Road, Phase IV, Bridge 8, Huangpu District (上海市黄浦区局门路457,8号桥四期 103A)

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