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I have an insatiable desire to document life.

All of it. High points, low points, especially the low points.

In recent years, I have learned much about human psychology: the science and the mystical and how they intertwine. 

My favorite way to connect with life and people is by being on the road. There are so many stories that come from these endeavors, ... Some of these stories are written, others merely photographed. You'll find some here > 

ShanghaiRen means 'People from Shanghai' in Chinese and it is a collection of stories of people who have shaped my life while living in the city of Shanghai. They've not only been my friends, but they've also been mentors, teachers, caretakers, roommates, colleagues, ... they're family. 


KAILU is a cross-country adventure to meet the Chinese changemakers who are taking China to the forefront of sustainability. 

For this project, I packed all my belongings into a storage space, rented an electric car, and set off to meet and interview the people I met or heard of in my last 7 years working in sustainability. 

Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 17.15.20.png

As a Belgian myself, I always wondered what our small country represents in the grand scheme of things. 

I found myself struggling to explain what the Belgian culture entails, and why we are different from our neighboring countries. 

I decided to interview people who identify strongly with being Belgian, and who are proud to be part of this piece of land nestled in Western Europe. 

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