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Sustainable Holidays

Between Thanksgiving and New Year we are in the middle of the Holiday Season!

This time can be a bit overwhelming with travel, family time, food, gifts, etc. And wait, … let’s try to be sustainable this year, where do I start? Ayo!

Let’s breath first … Good. Now making rushed decisions rarely leads to conscious decisions. So let’s try to take a couple of moments for ourselves every day. Learn to say no to things you don’t want in your schedule. Prioritise your mental well being. Take 5 min every day alone - breath - meditate - have a cup of tea - whatever works for you.

Good. Now, sustainable holidays hacks... Let me break some of them down for you :


Sending love in a card? Try to keep it sustainable and choose recycled/ upcycled/ eco-friendly cards to lower waste.

Gifts are one of THE pillars of the holiday season. Rethink gifting anc check out our article on Sustainable gifts if you haven’t checked it out yet.

  • HANDMADE: Creative passion you’d like to share and gift? Home made cookies, self knitted scarf, a photo album are usually more valuable than something bought in a store.

  • FAIR TRADE: All items are made by real people. So keep that in mind when shopping. Think about the power of where you put your money towards and make sure it is impacting someone’s life in a positive way. Fair Trade products are usually more eco-friendly and are made from recycled or renewable materials.

  • LONG LASTING: make sure the gifts will last. Quality over quantity.

  • WRAPPING: Use a cloth, newspaper or other items to wrap your presents in!



What you eat not only has an influence on your body and your overall health, but also on the environment. Choose organic and locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Less food will be wasted. Avoiding plastic when possible and disposable items such as plates and utensils are a great way to avoid waste and don’t forget that composting has incredible benefits for the environment:

  1. Less waste in landfills

  2. Recyclable materials are easier to recycle

  3. Food waste can be turned back into soil and benefit the environment

Don’t forget that we offer compost bin workshops with Zer’0Waste!

A couple of fun DIY:

Simple Name Tags (If these are still a thing)

Turn your cans into a cute table decoration by rolling them in a piece of burlap/ hemp:

Wine corks serve as a food clip! Cut the cork halfway in half and use it to keep packages closed and fresh!

Bring your tote bags to go grocery shopping! Say no to plastic bags.

Still don’t have any? Get them from our Weidian ;)

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